The Walking Dead: Season Five Who Is in That Car


the walking dead

In The Walking Dead, season five has introduced cannibals, who have made appearances in the game and the comic books, and now it has reintroduced that car with the white cross in the back windscreen and the big question has got to be, who is in that car. Once it turned out that Beth was not on the Terminus menu (And how many people watching the show expected to find some evidence that that plate of barbecue was “rib of Beth?) the whereabouts of the youngest daughter of Hershel has been hanging around in the background.

While the question of just what happened to Beth still has to be answered, there are more puzzling things going on here. Thinking about the introduction of Gabriel Stokes who has already been a part of The Walking Dead verse in the comic book version of the world, his showing up in the television version makes it seem that the dreaded Negan, head of the Saviours, may be making an appearance in the show.

Of course in the comic book, Negan was a consistent “big bad” who made The Governor look like Mary Poppins in comparison. Could the driver of that car be Negan or one of his group? Is there any relevance to the white cross in the back windshield of the black car and just who is in that ominous looking kidnap vehicle?

It obviously does not have a connection to Gabriel Stokes as in both the comic books and in the television show, his sin is that of inaction. In other words, he hid in the church and allowed all his parishioners to be turned while he hid; the father had no evil minion driving around on his behalf. In season five of The Walking Dead everything seems to be heading to a sort of intersection with the comic.

The differences between the comics and the television show are varied and while a lot of things and characters have been introduced and or killed off in other ways than in the source material, the overall plot has remained fairly consistent. The eating of one of Rick’s survivor’s leg changes from Dale, in the comic, to Bob in the TV series. Since the limb has been consumed at the same time that Father Stokes made his appearance, common sense says that Negan must be right around the corner.

Another thing to consider are the Hunters. In the comic, the cowardly Stokes dislikes the way that Rick and his crew deal with the Hunters, who are not in the show yet. However…Gareth makes a direct reference, while “nom-nomming” on a bit of Bob’s leg, that his Terminus survivors are now Hunters. This little “light bulb” moment in The Walking Dead series made it seem even more like the show was attempting to head down the exact same road as the comic.

Meanwhile, the vehicle, with its white cross, is the last connection Daryl has with Beth, who may or may not be in that car. In season five of The Walking Dead, Bob’s leg, the appearance of Father Gabriel Stokes and Gareth’s allusion to Hunters all seems to point to the dreaded Negan making an appearance. Yet one more reason to keep tuning into this AMC hit show week after week, as if fans really needed any more excuses to keep watching The Walking Dead.

By Michael Smith