Homeland: Iron in the Fire (Recap/Review)

HomelandHomeland‘s fourth episode. titled Iron in the Fire, brought an unexpected twist in its last few minutes. The creators of the show once again managed to prove that nothing is the way it seems with Homeland.

After Quinn told Carrie that Sandy’s death was premeditated, she is now going through the ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) database, in order to find the man, who was in the crowd, orchestrating the attack. However, Redmond comes in and he sees the picture, before Carrie manages to hide it. He tells her that she will not find this man in the ISI database. Apparently, this is Farhad Ghazi, a local hood, which the ISI uses occasionally.

Aayan visits Kiran, because he wants to pick up the bag he left in her possession. However, her father found the bag and he destroyed it. Their conversation is interrupted by Kiran’s father, who calls Aayan a drug dealer an tells him that he will report him to the medical school about the drug theft. Aayan is desperate, so he visits Carrie and tells her that he will take up on her offer. He asks Carrie for 500 pounds in cash, but she wants to know why does he need so much money. Well, Aayan is not very cooperative and as Carrie shows him Farhad’s picture, boy immediately starts crying. Mathison tells him that he is in quite a bit of trouble if this is the man who threatened him. Despite the fact that he is unwilling to tell Carrie why he needs the cash, she agrees to give it to him. As Aayan leaves, Max and Fara follow him.

Fara and Max follow Aayan to a teaching hospital, where he meets with a nurse. He gives her the money and she tells him to wait. After several hours, the nurse comes out of the hospital and she gives Aayan a bag. Boy takes a taxi and Max and Fara follow. When they get stuck in a traffic jam, Aayan leaves the car and continues on foot. Since they do not want to lose him, Fara decides to follow the boy. When she catches up with Aayan, she sees him meeting with several men. Two cars arrive and  numerous armed men get out.

At this exact moment Farhad receives a phone call and the conversation appears to be an exit code. Ghazi starts packing up his belongings and Carrie thinks that they should grab him. However, Quinn does not agree with her and he thinks that this is way too dangerous. Their little argument is interrupted by Fara’s phone call, who tells Carrie that Aayan just met with Haissam Haqqani, the terrorist who was supposedly killed in the air strike. Fara also sends the video she recorded, which shows Aayan and Haqqani embracing.

It appears that Haqqani is alive and Quinn says that Sandy’s death actually makes sense for the first time. He was killed in order to protect Haqqani, who either survived the air strike or he was not even there when it happened. Carrie is convinced that the ISI has been playing the CIA all along, however, she does not understand why.

Carrie later tells Fara that she does not have to move forward on passport and visa for Aayan, because the new information related to his uncle makes him too valuable. Mathison goes to the safe house and orders Fara to bring Aayan there if he shows up. In he middle of the night, Carrie is awoken by a knock on the door. Fara brought Aayan and Carrie tells him that this will be his home for a couple of days, until they get his passport and visa. Despite the fact that he does not like that, Aayan agrees to stay there. He helps Carrie making up the couch for him and she begins to flirt with him heavily. They start talking and Carries makes a move on him. Aayan indicates that he is a virgin, however, Mathison climbs on top of him and they begin to have sex.

The entire Iron in the Fire episode was great, however, the last scene with Carrie and Aayan was completely unnecessary. Carrie actually looks like a pedophile now, since the boy is still at school, not to mention that he is still a virgin. The creators of Homeland could really leave these last few minutes out and maybe just indicate that something will happen between the two of them. Carrie was planning to seduce this poor boy all along, however, the question is if he will fall for it. Despite the fact that this last scene ruined the ending of the entire episode, it was great to see the twist with Haqqani, who will most probably become the main target in the upcoming episodes.

By: Janette Verdnik


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  1. egarcia45   October 20, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    The young man is old enough to be in medical school. How does that make Carrie a pedophile?


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