‘Tomorrowland’ First Teaser Trailer: George Clooney Asks a Question

Tomorrowland First Teaser Trailer: George Clooney Asks a Question

Disney have released the first teaser trailer for Tomorrowland and in it George Clooney asks a question. This new film from Disney Studios features Britt Robertson (Under the Dome, Cake) as a teenager who is filled with a yearning to learn about science in a world which has turned its back on it.

The story, co-written by director Brad Bird and Lost scribe Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen, follows the teen girl’s quest and George Clooney’s character, who is a former scientific child prodigy now grown up and disillusioned. Robertson’s character, Casey Newton watches as Cape Canaveral is torn down. The NASA program is closed and there is no further space exploration planned….ever. Casey goes exploring around the launchpads and is apparently arrested for trespassing.

After she is released, amongst her personal possessions is a pin. Newton says the item is not hers as she reaches out to touch it. When her fingers make contact with the object, she is suddenly in a field of either wheat or tall grass and this new place may be Tomorrowland.

According to Lindelof, Tomorrowland is the “Hogwarts” of science. The name of the film is coined from the section of Disneyland called Tomorrowland and George Clooney describes the place, via voice over in the first teaser trailer, as being a land where nothing is impossible and he asks “would you go.”

The film is a bit of a homage to the founder of both the theme park and Disney Studios. According to Lindelof, Disney himself is not featured in the film, just referenced. Walt was a well known futurist when alive and his vision for the original 1955 Tomorrowland was for that section of the park to show life in 1986.

Despite using the name of the theme park section devoted to the future, it looks like the plot has more to do with an alternative reality that Casey stumbles upon by accident. In the teaser, the seamless move into a field from the office where she is collecting her belongings is impressive. The pin in her possession causes Newton to come in contact with Frank Walker (George Clooney), former boy genius and frustrated inventor who could be seen as the Walt Disney in this world.

Brad Bird says that Frank is a hermit who has become cynical and sour, a man who has pretty much given up. According to The Incredibles director this version of the future is not going to involve a mad scientist who wants to destroy the world, ninja type warriors with mad kung fu skills and there will be no giant robots, a la Pacific Rim, either.

What the director of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol has said is the film is one of discovery, presumably of the personal sort intermingled with a new dimension where literally anything is possible. The Disney press release says that the film’s characters have a chance to change the world and themselves in this mysterious place called Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is due to open in theatres May 22, 2015. This first teaser trailer has some impressive moments in the two minutes and 12 seconds it runs and has the added feature of George Clooney doing the narration and asking the question of whether or not you would go to this wonderous land.

By Michael Smith


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