Hilary Duff Feels Uncomfortable Talking About Aaron Carter

Hilary Duff says she’s uncomfortable talking about her former relationship with fellow ex-teen pop star Aaron Carter, especially in light of his recent social media posts regarding his feelings towards her. The 27-year-old gave the statement in a recent interview she did with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that took place on Wednesday, October 8th.

During the interview, Duff did her best to avoid any discussion regarding her ex-boyfriend, efforts that were eventually worn down by the host’s persistence. She then said, rather reluctantly it seemed, that she did not know what to say about it as it had been so many years ago, and was extremely uncomfortable to talk about. She also went to say that she has not seen the fellow 27-year-old in a number of years. Another guest on the show, Giada De Laurentilis, was unaware of the pair’s previous relationship and asked her to give further details clarifying the matter. The Texas native informed her that the two had been together when they were 13, and that Carter was very sweet at that age. The host and other guests could not help but take notice of Duff’s emphasis on Carter’s former sweetness rather than anything current, to which the singer did not elaborate. It is widely speculated that her disinclination to praise him following their breakup is associated with the fact that the two did not split amicably; Carter was rumored to be dating both Duff and fellow teen star Lindsay Lohan at the same time, a matter which eventually came to blows and sent the two their separate ways.

The mother of one was also not too eager to support Carter’s recent tweets and public statements regarding their relationship, in which he states his mission to get back in her life and undo his wrongs. One of his first posts regarding their former relationship detailed how he planned to spend the rest of his life attempting to better himself in order to get her back in his life, proudly exclaiming that he did not care what anyone thought of his feelings. Lately, however, Carter seems to have been getting the message regarding Duff’s disregard for further contact with him. In a recent interview that occurred last month, he explained his struggle with expressing his feelings on social media, stating that people would attack him whether he said too much or too little. He went on to say that he knew it was time to stop pining for Duff and move on with his own life, as she had done hers. He brought into mention Duff’s one-year-old son and her husband, saying that he did not want to be the kind of guy to interfere with someone’s life and that it was never his intention to become that kind of person. Carter finished the interview by expressing his feeling that Duff would always have a special place in his heart, regardless of if they had any kind of relationship ever again.

It remains to be seen whether or not Aaron Carter will stay true to his promise of moving on from old flame Hilary Duff. For the time being, however, he seems to be respecting her wishes to let both of them lead their separate lives.

By Rebecca Grace

CBS News
Mail Online

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