Stephen Collins’ Lawyer Blames Client’s Wife For Extortion

Stephen Collins’ lawyer is blaming the his clients recent child molestation scandal on the actor’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Faye Grant. He believes that the woman has been using the now famous recorded confession in order to extort money from his client for years. The lawyer gave the statement to popular gossip website TMZ on the evening of October 7th, 2014.

Mark Caplan says that he fully believes that Collins’ wife has been using the confession as a weapon for some time now, in order to get more out of the couple’s divorce than she is legally entitled to. The pair’s earnings following their split in 2012 was divided up as normal from the time of their marriage, but Caplan is of the opinion that Grant has had her eye on much more than that. He points out that the woman made her mission publicly known from the start, stating that she deserved more than half due to the way in which she had become accustomed to living. In the divorce documents that came to light just over a year ago, Grant claims that Collins choosing to divorce her left her with no means of income, and that it was unfair to expect her to give up the life she had come to know from living with the 7th Heaven actor for 27 years. She went on to state that the reason she had no income was because she had given up her own acting career in order to stay home and raise the couple’s daughter, therefore she should be entitled to more of his earnings because of this. Granted is also of the opinion that she could not find an acting job anymore if she wanted to, because too much time has passed since she was in the limelight and no one will book her for any kind of gig anymore. The total amount on the line in the couple’s divorce sits at an approximate $14 million.

The aforementioned molestation scandal has effectively turned Collins’ life upside since news of the confession broke on Tuesday. The New York Police department have launched a full-on investigation, after Collins was heard confessing to inappropriate physical conduct with two New York based girls under 14. News of the tapes existence originally came to light back in 2012 and followed up by an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, but the case was closed upon authorities not being able to properly verify a victim. The 67-year-old’s entire career has fallen apart in the past few days; he has been axed from working on the set of the upcoming Ted 2 film, had his part cut in ABC’s political thriller Scandal, and has even been removed from his role as co-director for an organization supporting stress free schools for kids. Multiple television networks reported that they were removing all re-runs of 7th Heaven from their lineups indefinitely in wake of the scandal.

It remains to be seen what will come of Stephen Collins’ lawyer’s claims that Faye Grant his extorting his client in order to increase her divorce payout. Grant has since adamantly denied these claims, saying that she had nothing to do with the tape being leaked. The couple’s divorce trial starts on November 12th.

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