Total Eclipse for Collapsing Time

Total Eclipse

The upcoming total lunar eclipse on Oct. 8 could be your chance to collapse time. How so? Think of it like this – a total eclipse causes the moon to go through what appears to be an entire cycle in an extremely short period of time, thereby affecting us the way it would over a whole month, in just a few hours.

In Indian traditions, such as yoga, an eclipse is seen as an auspicious – or very lucky – time. It is said that during a total eclipse, all one’s spiritual practices or “merits” (actions and efforts) are counted times one thousand. In other words, the efforts put forth during eclipses are multiplied in benefits by one thousand.

Time can be a drag…and literally, time can seem to drag on carrying problems, worries and events out longer than we often believe is necessary. Though sometimes it is unavoidable, we must allow things to “run their natural course” which is often a cycle of sorts. We usually take for granted that some cycles can be sped up, skipped over or left behind all together, and that it is sometimes just as natural to “tweek the system” as moving through things at the most familiar pace. Such is the case with a total eclipse.

On Oct 8, the United States will be privy to the entirety of a total lunar eclipse, which is predicted to show off a red hue at its peak. The time for such a magical climax is predicted to occur at approximately 5:25 a.m. C.S.T. Eclipse “experts,” who utilize the power of such an event, tout the potency of said phenomenon to stretch out 24 hours in either direction, meaning you can benefit from the potency of a total eclipse for an entire day before and after the event itself. Why is this important?

If you want to use a total eclipse to literally collapse time for yourself, it is suggested that you plan to spend the time around and during the event focusing on the areas of your life that you wish to affect. Imagine if you could do something to propel your relationship forward, even one little thing. Now imagine doing that thing during the total eclipse and having its effects be multiplied by one thousand…as if you performed that task one thousand times, rather than once.

What if you wanted to reach a deeper state of peace or gain more flexibility in your body? And what if you spent time during this coming October total eclipse focusing on meditation, yoga, martial arts or prayer? What might your results be? By that same token, what if you do absolutely nothing different than what you are doing now? How will your current routines benefit you if multiplied by one thousand? Try folding time for a moment and find out.

Whether or not this up-and-coming total lunar eclipse has the power to collapse time as sages of old have taught, there are no known negative side effects associated with testing such a theory during an event like the upcoming total lunar eclipse. Unlike a solar eclipse, lunar eclipses are completely safe to watch and can be pretty spectacular. Gear up the camera and plan to do a little sky gazing this coming 8th of October and you just might find yourself collapsing time in more ways than one.

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  1. Douglas Cobb   October 3, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    Fascinating article and a great way to spend October 8!

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