Toyota Recalls Over 1 Million Cars


Yesterday Toyota Motor Corporation announced that they would be putting out a voluntary recall for about 1.67 million vehicles throughout the globe, with most cars being in the U.S. Though this is nothing compared to their April recall of about 6.39 million vehicles globally, this recall is just another that seems to be faulting Toyota’s credibility. This year alone Toyota has recalled 50 million cars with some of their biggest recall amounts being 6.39 million for various issues and 2.3 million for faulty airbags.  Though every time they recall a large number of cars it seems to be a different reason for the recall, and these constant ‘voluntary recalls’ are causing problems for the car making brand.

This recall will see 802,000 Crown, Crown Majesta, Voxy and Noah models to replace a seal in the brake master cylinder which causes brake fluid to leak and eventually will also effect the brake booster. They are recalling 759,000, with over 400,000 of them being in the U.S., for faulty fuel delivery pipes, which many say could even cause a fire if leaking. They are recalling almost 200,000 in Japan of the Auris model and Corolla Rumion model for a defect in the control unit for fuel evaporative emissions. There will also be a recall on many Lexus models and many more also have voluntary recalls depending on the model and what type of equipment they possess.

Toyota stated that the reason for the recall comes after years of complaints from consumers that say that smelled gas odors coming from the car. Toyota says that anyone who smells this odor should definitely take their car back in to the service center to have the car inspected.

So far there have not been reports, according to the company, of any fires, injuries, or accidents due to the mishaps of the car parts, something that Toyota is thankful for. If any of those events had been caused due to faulty parts on the models, the company could have been looking at major lawsuits, especially following their lawsuit that claimed that they didn’t report safety complaints properly.

In the lawsuit the favor was found against the major car maker, as they agreed to pay a $1.2 billion dollar fine after a criminal investigation, which is, according to sources, the largest penalty ever imposed on an auto company within the United States. They were also recently charged with “wire fraud.” In the agreement between the Justice Department and the car maker the court appointed David Kelley, who was formerly a U.S. attorney, to watch over the manufacturing and monitor for safety at the Toyota U.S. Operations.

Despite all of the problems that the company has had in the last year with the parts that make up their vehicles, their stocks are still up and have not been effected yet. Consumers continue to buy Toyota cars for their smooth looks, cheaper gas consumption, and variety of features.

With the problems that Toyota has had this year, consumers are hoping that the company will learn from the mistakes and be able to produce cars in the future that don’t require a recall and don’t pose a danger to their passengers. Regardless of the mishaps that the car maker has faced, it seems that those who drive the car still believe that it is reliable and durable.

By Crystal Boulware


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Photo credit: David Zalubowski

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