Trya Banks Defends Homosexuality


Tyra Banks as done it again in showing one of many reasons as to why she is known to be the definition of fierce. It is known by many people around the world that have the chance of watching America’s Next Top Model that everyone is expected. No matter the gender, sexuality, race, height, or weight contestants of all types are seen on the program. This world-class supermodel has been seen to shut down statements regarding these topics with a fierce yet somehow gentle hand, showing her low tolerance for them. On one of the show’s recent episodes Banks puts her foot down and defends homosexuality, even using a racial expression to get her point further across the minds of the contestants.

The way in which Tyra Banks goes back defending homosexuality on the show is one that some are calling the best way in which to do it. On America’s Next Top Model tensions seemed to heat up as a comment was made throughout the house from one contestant about another. The comment in question was made by Denzel Wells, one of the male contestants on the show. Wells was said to have brought up his concern that, if he lost, he would have to give an explanation to his friends back home as to why he lost to a man in heels. Will Jardel, another male contestant that just so happens to be gay, was the man in heels Wells referred to. This caused a slight rift between the two but Jardel did not look to be all the affected as his performance in photos shown through.

When it came time for the judging, Jardel proudly strutted out in a pair of black stiletto heels. Upon seeing this, Banks questioned curiously as to why he choose to wear them. This is when the homophobic comment was brought to attention with instant dislike shown on the judges faces. “A comment was made in the house that if a certain someone was to go home he would have to explain himself as to why he lost the competition to a man who wears heels, so I choose to wear mine today.” Jardel explained, clearly not letting the comment get to him, putting his best foot forward instead.

Quick to defend the homophobic sentiments, Banks confronted Wells. Not only did the modeling diva break it down about how the industry they were in was mostly made for women in the first place she also stated that modeling was a stereotype. Working in business and industries geared towards one stereotype or another was going to cause discomfort from the start, However, as she continued on, Banks informed the contestants that they should feel proud to be working in the industry. The other set words that left her mouth seemed to wrap up the whole issue in one fell swoop; the racial card was put into play to bring forth an even deeper understanding.

Continuing on with words seemingly dipped in wisdom in defending homosexuality, Banks stated that the issue was similar to that of a situation that might have taken place 50 years ago. She told the Wells to imagine the words said in reference to his color. “Will, back then, could have said he hoped that Denzel guy does not win. I would then be called his bitch because he is black.” Not only did this shut down the situation but it appeared as though she was saying to never let something like that happen again.

By Isis E. Stevens

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