UFO Photobombs NASA Space Recording? [Video]


Did a UFO photobomb a NASA space recording that was taken earlier this month? Astronauts were out performing repairs to the International Space (ISS) during the first week of October, when the video was recorded and it has set off a major debate across the Internet.

The strange occurrence transpired on Oct. 7, when NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman and European Space Agency Engineer Alexander Gerst piloted a spacewalk outside of the International Space Station in order to mend an electrical problem.

In the video that was uploaded to YouTube last week, the UFO is visible flying for a couple of seconds behind the astronauts, before the camera moves to a different shot. The video itself is below for anyone who wants to view it:

The shape and size of the strange object is unable to be made out clearly, and of course, the video footage is extremely gritty. The UFO shows up in the recording at about the 1.50 minute mark and the seemingly elongated craft floats a tiny distance behind one of the space station men.

The astronauts are seen at the start of the recording about a minute before the UFO shows up. Several different news media sources have offered possible explanations as to what the UFO could be. One explanation was that it could have been a resupply craft that had visited the International Space Station.

It could have been the Space X Dragon ship and it had come to the ISS on Sept. 23. It was followed up by another space craft 48 hours later known as a Soyuz TMA 14M, which had new crew members for the station. However, both of these crafts are presently locked onto the ISS and the UFO that shows up in the recording does not look like it is connected to the International Space Station in any kind of way.

Another more reasonable description than a craft being flown by aliens from another world watching human beings work out in space is something called lens flare. However, many still believe the object is really a UFO. Wiseman and Gerst were trying to find out where a failed cooling pump was located and also install a brand new power cable while the video was filming. Different media sources stated that the recording showed the astronauts as they were doing their spacewalk and in the middle of performing a working space mission.

At about the 1:50 minute mark, the strange object appears on screen, and seems to be in some sort of flight close to the astronauts for a couple of seconds. The size and shape of the UFO really was unable to be well-defined as the video recording was not very clear at all.

It is possible that light might have definitely sprung off the International Space Station and deflected against the video camera. However, some observers feel that there did not appear to be enough basis of light foundation close to the astronauts while the unknown craft is in the video. This could possibly rule out lens flare and keep the object as a UFO, at least until another more likely explanation comes along..

By Kimberly Ruble


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Photo by NASA – Flickr License

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  1. Michael Orrell   October 22, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Exciting to think that aliens are observing our astronauts…closer to home is my breakthrough discovery of a lost alien code I found on one of the objects in my accidental photo of 10 UFOs captured on 35mm film on 7/1/90…The same projecting acorn shape appears in numerous other UFO photos and countless ancient artifacts. This historic event has won front page coverage in every newspaper in San Diego and an award winning CBS interview. The Los Angeles Times broke the story and labeled the evidence on my humble website and Youtube video “UNSETTLING” they’re here….



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