Violent Homophobic Drunk Taken Down by Airport Passengers


An alleged violent, homophobic drunk was taken down by the passengers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The group got together and tackled the man to the floor after he was seen kicking another passenger in a pink shirt. All this is in a video that was put up on YouTube on Thursday and has received 2 million hits as of the present time. It reportedly shows the man taunting another individual about him wearing the pink shirt he has on. They are standing inside one of the airport’s full terminals.

There is yet another person who questions the clearly visible tipsy man about what he is angry over. He states that he is upset about “queers.” Next, just moments after, he is seen kicking the man in the pink shirt, and an entire crowd of passengers are seen taking the violent man all the way to the floor. They are instantly given back up by the Dallas-Fort Worth airport police who put the individual in handcuffs.

The video is too graphic to be put up here at the Guardian Liberty Voice but if anyone wants to view it, they can watch it at YouTube. The link is provided at the bottom of this article  However, everyone is to be reminded that it is disturbing; there is foul language used and it is violent. Parental discretion is highly recommenced before anyone views this video.

That is when the passenger, who is wearing a cowboy hat comes near him and questions him if he has a problem. This is where he says his racial slur and begins shouting at the gentleman wearing the pink piece of clothing. He yells another cursing statement and that is when he starts to kick the man wearing the pink shirt and also strikes him in the head.

This is when the other passengers begin to act and they all jump on the violent, homophobic drunk and restrain him from doing any more harm to the man in the pink shirt until airport law enforcement officers show up on scene. They end up arresting and handcuffing the offender.

Andrew Kennedy was one of the passengers standing by at the gate, who was able to film the whole confrontation on camera. His video started out with the man in pink typing out something on his cell phone when the violent attacker, who seems to be intoxicated, moves up alongside him and attempts to take the smartphone out of the victim’s hand.

Kennedy’s footage has went viral, and he stated that the violent attacker was “absolutely crazy.”  Kennedy’s brother was also a witness to the troubling scene and stated that they both saw a man who was extremely troubled. The brother added that he hoped the alleged drunk was indeed under the influence of some sort of intoxicant, because if he was not, and he was showing his actual personality, then that man has a long way to go. When the aggressor was asked why he lashed out, he said because he was in America, that was why. This was his only explanation.

By Kimberly Ruble


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