Violent Revolution a Reality Utters Malema

Violent Revolution

Julius Malema, the controversial leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), once again utters threats of a violent revolution in South Africa. Malema is well-known for a direct, straight to the point outbursts of threats and intimidation. Given any opportunity to make his voice heard, Malema instills the minds of his followers with total nonsense.

The Malema followers are looking for a Messiah, and many believe that this outspoken brazen leader will lead them to the land of milk and honey. Malema thrives on dictating outrageous sentiments of war, anarchy, a violent revolution and bloodshed. Mass mobilization of the masses is the easiest feat for Malema to start, followed by a violent revolution. The crowds follow the EFF leader in anticipation of a better life, free land and wealth. The dictatorship sentiments uttered by Malema attract the people who are blind to the consequences of rebellion and war.

This week Malema issued a statement and said, “That the EFF may take up arms if their peaceful revolution is met with violence from the state.” Malema stated that the EFF cannot rule out the possibility of an armed struggle, and this would depend on how the state responds to the demands of the EFF people. Malema hoped that the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party would not adopt “apartheid tactics” if placed under acute stress. The use of military intervention by the ANC government was not received cordially by Malema.

The recent objection Malema received during the national assembly meeting held in August this year echoed the sentiments of rejection. Malema was ordered out of the House after causing a disruption by demanding that President Jacob Zuma reply to a question regarding the money spent on the Nkandla homestead. Malema has managed to cause a commotion in all government meetings he has attended, and the outrageous behavior has always been met with protest.

Malema said it was all about exercising the right to freedom of speech and expression. The manner in which the EFF conduct their rights will not be defined by the “middle class” who, according to Malema, hate the EFF party. South Africa must accept the exertions of the EFF, who prefer to lead a peaceful revolution and avoid bloodshed.

It is no surprise that Malema would, indeed, lead a peaceful revolution on his terms and conditions. The possibility of the ANC government using violence or apartheid tactics against the EFF revolution would result in the EFF party responding with hostility. The strength and fierceness of the Malema supporters engaging in a violent revolution are indeed a threat to stability.

It is not the first utterance of taking up arms by Malema. Since the inception of the EFF party, the sentiments of violence have been meticulously planned. The continued disruptions in parliament meetings and outrageous outbursts may humor the crowds, but it is the antagonistic ongoing opinions that can spark a flurry of anger among peaceful citizens.

Malema is a symptom of the problem, one which is merely fast forwarding the slow progress of the real dictatorship of the ANC ruling party. Malema spent years under the ANC leadership, tutored in the understanding of the policies and tactics of corruption, greed and power. Malema has firsthand knowledge of how to exercise the power struggle and lead a violent revolution. He has not diversified from dictatorship. According to Malema, a violent revolution is a reality for South Africa.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


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  1. Gary Dalgue   November 26, 2014 at 5:32 am

    Where will Malema and his cronies get the so called “arms” that he will use in aviolent revolution? Is it because they already have most of the illegal weapons in hand or what?


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