911 Call From Teacher Gives Clear Picture of Marysville School Shooting


The 911 call from a Marysville teacher has been released, and gives a clearer picture of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting. Numerous other calls made to emergency services in the first 20 minutes after the deadly Marysville shooting on Oct. 24 have also been released. It is reported that of all the recordings, it is the teacher’s that gives the best depiction of what happened that day.

Megan Silberberger was in the cafeteria when she called 911 and reported a shooting at the Marysville High School. She explained that the shooter had injured many people, and told the dispatcher that they needed emergency personnel right away. She then told the 911 correspondent her name, that she was a teacher and that the high school had a large cafeteria. Silberberger, who was called a hero in the aftermath, also declared to the dispatcher only a few moments after the shooting occurred that she had tried to stop the shooter before he shot himself. She stated that she did not know what his name was.

The dispatcher asked Silberberger if the shooter had indeed shot himself, and the teacher repeated that he had. She then explained that numerous others were down but she did not know how many. She declared that she was looking right at the shooter and that she needed help immediately. She explained that he was dressed in all black clothing, and noted that she was sitting right beside him, then repeated that she was sitting right next to him. She told the 911 operator again that she needed help and when asked for more information, she explained that the shooter was wearing a black jacket, black shoes and black pants.

There were many other individuals inside the lunchroom who had also phoned emergency services were panicked. One person, a cafeteria worker, explained to the 911 dispatcher that she had hurried students out through a side door. They had all been eating during the time of the shooting. One of the students she rushed out was her own daughter, who had been seated only a couple of tables away from the shooter.

Dozens of pupils fled the school campus and sent texts to their parents. The Marysville-Pilchuck staff, as well as individuals who lived close to the high school, all called in to report the shooting. One of the high school’s staff members, who apparently was employed in the main office, called 911 and told an operator that a principal had rushed in and stated that they needed ambulances as soon as possible. Presently, five kids have died, while a sixth student who was seriously injured survived.

Silberberger, whose 911 recording was the only one to indicate that the caller had attempted to stop the shooter,  has not spoken to the public about that terrible day. However, she did release a statement that said she only reacted as any of her associates would have in the same situation.

There was one other phone call that apparently stuck out from all of the calls made that day. A person who lived next to the school called 911 and explained to operators that students had come over her fence in order to get to safety. They reportedly told her who the alleged shooter was, giving the name Jaylen Fryberg. She was the only caller iin the direct aftermath of the shooting who was able to give that kind of information to 911 services.

By Kimberly Ruble


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Photo by Hideki Saito  –  Flickr License