Apple: How It Stays Virus Free


Apple products are known for their reputation of little to no need for installation of any additional anti-virus systems, as it stays protected through its own means. The company has taken a variety of precautions, making Macs more secure than any other PC. What sets them apart from other competing manufacturers is how they market their products. Their global market shares are singular in figures. Mac systems are operated under a Unix based platform, where Unix has numerous built in security features attributing to protecting Mac software.

The companies biggest operating system (OS) competitor rival is Microsoft’s Windows systems. Apple’s hardware and software are overseen by the company itself, meaning that they can observe and extensively test their own products closely and streamline their operating systems by optimizing and protecting it directly. The company’s key feature for optimizing their security lies within its exclusivity, whereas operating systems such as Windows are far more susceptible to hacking.

OS securities are still hackable. Even so cyber criminals and malware writers have an easier time infiltrating a bigger market since Windows operating systems are wide open. The Windows operating systems are user-friendly, enough to the point where users tech savvy enough could jump into the control deck and customize what they see fit. This is the very same reason that hackers have found Windows to be an easier target including the fact that there are more users in the Microsoft PC world then there are in OS. The OS is heavily guarded by a system of fire walls, some of which can be breached but never reach the systems main frame interface.

The newest OS is called OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, which has an additional feature that strengthens the already guarded system to the next level, gearing toward keeping Apple virus free, even more. The operating system features Gatekeeper, a function that prevents any foreign addition to the system from being installed. Gatekeeper controls incoming applications by checking apps for the presence of a digital signature, applied by itself or the developer. This restriction deflects temptation to target the system by means of plug installations. The Mac’s are not by any means invincible, there is just no need to target outside of the already fruitful cyber market within the Windows main frame.

Over decades of remaining virus free, Apple continues at the forefront of security systems technology. Cyber criminals have made attempts to break into Apple’s system using different types of viruses and have managed to succeed to a certain degree. Most cases that have been reported have been user error related. Internet infection has been minimal but not impossible; the more the Apple market begins to grow in popularity, the more lucrative target it becomes. Users of Apple products have little to no reason to fear a mass infection, as of the moment. Various updates, within the anti-viral system, continues improvement to Apple’s security system. Over all, users of Apple products can still expect to stay worry free as the virus protection integrated in the operating system maintains its status alongside its latest firewall reinforcements.

by Ernesto Perez

Photo by  Marco Paköeningrat- Flickr License


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