Baby’s Body Found on Maroubra Beach


A regular day at the beach turned into tragedy when two young Australian boys found the body of a baby while digging in the sand. The boys, age six and seven discovered the baby’s naked body at the southern end of Maroubra beach by the edge of some sand dunes at approximately 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

The boys were shocked at the discovery and ran to tell their father who was nearby. He then contacted the police. The boys were visibly shaken by their grim discovery. While he knew better, the boy’s father tried to comfort them by telling them what they had found may be nothing more than the remains of a small animal such as a dog. Counselors were sent to the scene to speak with the boys and other onlookers who were shaken by the findings.

New South Wales Police Inspector, Andrew Holland along with other investigators reported to the scene where they found the baby’s body buried under approximately 30 centimeters of sand. The crime scene was sectioned off and a blue tent was erected over the shallow grave while the area was evacuated.

Based on the location where the remains were found in proximity to the sea, investigators determined that the baby was buried deliberately. Inspector Holland went on to say it was impossible, at this time, due to advanced decomposition, to determine the sex and age of the infant or how long his or her remains had been buried at the beach. A post-mortem examination of the baby’s body is expected to reveal the cause of death.

Police believe the baby to be no more than a few days old and even suggest he or she may have been stillborn as the remains were found unclothed. Inspector Holland expressed concern for the infant’s mother saying he hopes she reached out for medical assistance following the baby’s birth. He went on to say he hopes she will feel safe and confident enough that she will contact detectives.

The uncovering of the infant’s remains at Maroubra beach comes just one week after another infant was found after being dumped in a storm drain. Luckily, the baby boy in this case was discovered when a father and his daughter were walking by the storm drain and heard unusual noises.

It took seven people to remove the concrete storm drain cover. Police officers then rescued the baby who had been in the drain for more than five days. When police pulled the infant from the storm drain, he was wrapped in a hospital blanket and was severely distressed, dehydrated and malnourished. Had he been left in the drain any longer, officials say it is likely that he would not have survived. The 30-year-old mother in this case admitted to throwing her baby son in the storm drain when he was less than 24 hours old. She has since been charged with attempted murder.

Investigators in the Maroubra beach case are scouring hospital records and missing person reports in an effort to try to determine the identity of the baby and locate his or her parents. In addition, police investigators are publicly encouraging the infant’s parents to come forward so they can bring closure to this tragic case.

By Donna W. Martin

Sky News
The Sydney Morning Herald
Photo by Stan F – Flickr License

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