Bill Cosby Comedy Tour Venue Wants to Cancel His Appearance But Cannot

One of the upcoming venues on disgraced comedian Billy Cosby’s American tour is being forced to allow him to appear, despite the wishes of those hosting the event. The reasoning behind this is that the performance was booked not by the venue but through an outside events promoter, who is refusing to allow it to be canceled despite the recent scandal involving the 77-year-old.

Massachusetts’s famous Hanover Theater reportedly wants nothing more than to pull the former TV dad’s appearance at their facility, but are said to be unable to due to previous restrictions regarding the overall booking of the event. A representative for the theater recently gave an exclusive statement to popular gossip website TMZ in which they gave details surrounding the issue, and explained that the ability to cancel the show was not in their hands or up to them whatsoever.

They say that Cosby’s tour appearance in question was booked by an outside promoter, and therefore it would be that promoter who would be able to axe the event and no one else. Despite venue honchos conveying their concern and unwillingness to go ahead with the appearance due to the recent abundance of sexual assault allegations towards Cosby, said event promoter has reportedly refused to cut the event and has essentially said the show must go on regardless of current events. Theater authorities have expressed their extreme discontent at having to go through with the performance, given that they want absolutely no association with Cosby following said allegations of such a scandal.

The Pennsylvania native’s fall from grace has been almost legendary over the past few weeks. The conflict began when popular comedian Hannibal Buress made quip during a recent stand-up show regarding the amount of people who remembered Cosby had been accused of rape by several different women back in the 1970’s/1980’s. The comment sparked a firestorm of media attention, reopening the matter like new and causing multiple woman to come out of the woodwork and relay their recognition of such sexual abuse. The most prominent of these accusers are former supermodel Janice Dickinson and Carla Ferrigno (wife of Incredible Hulk actor Lou), who both gave the statement that Cosby slipped them various drugs to put them under and subsequently engaged in sexual activities with them without their content. One of the other accusers has even said that she woke up in bed with one of the comedian’s friends following the taking of a pill he said would help with her headache, the friend being a man she is said to have previously rejected the advances of earlier in the evening.

Said allegations have cost Cosby big in terms of his comedy career. Multiple venues have already pulled the plug on his appearances, not wanting to be associated with the scandal in any way regardless of its legitimacy. TV Land pulled The Cosby Show altogether, issuing a statement that the show’s suspension would be indefinite in light of recent events. Shortly before The Queen Latifah Show was canceled this past week, network honchos axed an upcoming Cosby appearance after hearing of the recent outbreak of accusations regarding his forced sexual advances towards women.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Hanover Theater will eventually get their wish to have Bill Cosby’s upcoming appearance axed from their entertainment schedule. For the time being, however, the promoter in question is reportedly unwilling to back down on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Shawn – Flickr License

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