Bioshock Infinite The Complete Edition Launches Today

Bioshock Infinite

The game that took last year by storm is going to see a complete edition loaded with all of the downloadable content fans may have missed. Yes, Bioshock Infinite The Complete Edition comes out today, (November 4) for the price of $39.99. However, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners are the only ones that will be getting the title.

Set in the fictional floating city of Colombia, Booker Dewitt attempts to find and bring back Elizabeth, a girl locked away from the world. The game explores many different themes and points of interest. Although experienced by many, the tale of Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth is not one to be missed.  Original game developer Irrational Games put all they had into wrapping up the Bioshock trilogy in a game that would provide story, setting, and powerful combat. This title would be the last that Irrational Games would make before disbanding. Due to the massive amount of themes, even some non-gamers picked up a controller to experience this tale.

The complete edition includes the standard game, as well as all of the downloadable content. The most important additional content would have to be Burial at Sea episodes one and two, both of which take place in the setting from the frist game, Rapture. The exploration of a redone Rapture is not only stunning, but breathtaking to see the city when it was still near its golden age. The expansion is necessary for any that deeply connected to Bioshock Infinite. Episode one puts the player in the shoes of the familiar protagonist, Booker Dewitt, while the second episode actually has the player controlling Elizabeth.

Additionally, Bioshock Infinite The Complete Edition also comes with Clash in the Clouds, which is similar to a horde mode. It contains a museum, upgrades, and a number of combat focused challenges. This horde mode add-on actually feels more fitting than the multiplayer that came apart of Bioshock 2 because it adds on to the ordinary combat experienced in the game, instead of inefficiently attempting to develop a new means of battle.

The less exciting downloadable content packs focus around weapons and gear. These include the Early Bird Special Pack, The Upgrade Pack, and the Industrial Revolution Pack.

Originally, gamers were under the impression that this complete edition would also make it to the PC, but sadly that did not happen. 2K has not yet explained why things changed and instead glossed over the subject. They did say that there is in fact, no PC version on the way. Considering the state of Irrational Games (which is to say that it no longer exists), it is lucky that Bioshock Infinite would see any iterations.

Ultimately, Bioshock Infinite is an excellent title originally released early in 2013, any that have held on to the hope of eventually playing it for the first time have their chance. Coupled with the practically necessary Burial at Sea, as well as all other downloadable weapons and content, Bioshock Infinite The Complete Edition brings a lot to the table for only $39.99. The title releases for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 today, November 4.

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