Black Friday Starts a Week Early on Amazon

Black Friday

Black Friday is starting a full week early this year on Amazon. The online retailer will have a range of offers starting tomorrow. It is not the first time the site has offered deals early, and is a growing trend for many as they compete for business.

The November 21 start-date is earlier than most years. However, the site has gotten used to getting in there before most others. According to the company, there will also be extra special deals on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

From midnight on Thanksgiving, there will be three Deals of the Day. More will follow the next day, with limited-time deals, known as Lightening Deals. Those who are members of Amazon Prime will receive access to the deals a half hour before others, which could mean finding the perfect Christmas gifts for family members. It is possible to start a free trial right now to get that half-hour early access.

For eight days from tomorrow, there will be new deals offered every 10 minutes of so. These deals will be across the website, in the tech areas as well as tool and toys, and many more. It is possible to access all of these deals from all methods of shopping, whether people are looking on a smart device or a computer.

Many people wonder why Amazon is starting the Black Friday deals a week early. There is some business competition, but it is also to help families out. More and more people want to spend time with their family members on Thanksgiving. Too many are having to queue for hours just to get into the deals the next day.

Amazon is making it possible for people to get their hands on deals earlier. When it comes to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, they can focus on family instead. They have all their presents, and do not need to worry about searching around when everyone else is looking.

For those who like to donate to charity, there will also be an option for this on Amazon. The site is offering the ability to give to a charity that a shopper chooses. When clicked, the individuals get the same great deals with the company donating some of the purchase to the preferred charity. This is not something that many companies offer, and will be a welcome addition for many.

To get access to the charity option, individuals will have to shop on the AmazonSmile. The shopping giant will donate 0.5 percent of the cost towards the chosen charity. However, this is not available on all products, but all the same deals will be available.

Some of the expected Black Friday deals include TVs, FitBits and digital cameras. As usual, it is a very tech-orientated sales period. However, there will be children’s toys, books and tools available at the discounted prices.

To compete with Amazon, Walmart is offering to price match on anything. However, there will be many questioning whether that means from right now, or just on the day itself. Amazon is starting its Black Friday deals a week early, meaning many others may be forced to so they can compete with the competition.

By Alexandria Ingham


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