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Bombing Attack Kills Five in Afghanistan



On Thursday, individuals in Kabul, Afghanistan, were caught off guard when a suicide bomber ignited a bomb that resulted in the death of five people. A car that was ridden with explosives was detonated as a foreign embassy convoy passed by the 9th District in Kabul, Afghanistan. The bomb is said to have killed one British citizen, a member of the embassy’s security team, and four Afghans. Besides those killed in the bombing, 33 others were injured. Of these, at least four were identified as young children.

The attack in Kabul occurred at around 10 a.m. on Thursday. A suicide bomber traveled along a road between Jalalabad and Kabul, near the British embassy, with death and destruction on his mind. The suicide bomber waited until the moment that a British embassy convoy’s SUV passed by him to ignite the bomb. It was at that moment that the bomber’s car, a Toyota Corolla, exploded, blowing the roof off and sending pieces of metal into the crowd surrounding it. An Afghan guard that works near the bombing site stated that he heard a huge blast that left him feeling stunned. As the daze from the incident wore off, he looked around to see that three vehicles nearby had been destroyed.

The road where the bombing occurred has proven to be a target for those wishing to terrorize leaders and officials. The road between Jalalabad and Kabul is a major highway that connects numerous military bases and foreign compounds with Kabul, making it a key area for terrorists to attack. In recent months, there have been several other bombings on this route. In the last month alone, two American soldiers have been killed and a bomb in a vehicle went off outside of a United Nations compound along the same road where the most recent bombing occurred.

The bombing attack that killed five individuals in Afghanistan was a true act of terrorism. Although an investigation on Thursday’s bombing is still underway, it has been confirmed that the Taliban claims responsibility over attack. Although this attack is the most recent, is not the only attack that have been claimed by the Taliban Islamists. Several of the most recent bombings that have occurred in and near the Kabul area have been claimed by this terrorist group. A spokesman for the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, recently tweeted that the suicide bombing was a “martyrdom attack targeted against foreign invaders.”

The attack in Kabul seemed worse than others because it was aimed towards those who had gathered to support positive diplomatic efforts in the city. For the past few decades, diplomats, Afghan citizens and the international community have lived together, trying to solve the ongoing conflict in the nation. Although those peaceful efforts have continuously been met with opposition, it seems to have grown worse since the new president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, took office. Since his appointment into office, Ghani has signed a security pact that will allow the presence of U.S. and international forces to remain in the country, which has caused an even greater uproar among extremists, especially the Taliban.

Although the Taliban continues to use violence as a force against recent Afghanistan reform, it has not had the ability to induce fear and surrender in those who are working towards a better way for the Afghan people. Since the bombing attack in Kabul, President Obama has placed even more troops in the area to guard against such attacks and there have been efforts to stabilize the safety of those in and near the area of the bombing attack. Although the bombing attack killed five individuals, Afghanistan officials say that the Taliban’s destructive efforts are not going to hinder the government’s ongoing projects for reform.

By Kelli Patterson

The Independent
Washington Post
Photo Courtesy of gnuckx- Flickr License