‘Star Wars’ Trailer Excites but Leaves Story Unknown [Video]

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Nov. 28, 2014 marks the day in sci-fi film history when the announcement teaser for the seventh installment of the beloved Star Wars franchise was released. Although the trailer proved to excite a great many of the saga’s fans, the storyline of the film is still majorly left unknown.

The new Star Wars movie trailer showcases three new actors in the series, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac as principal players in the new film. Boyega is the first to appear in the 88 second trailer, as he is seen dressed in the likes of  an iconic white stormtrooper uniform, although the famous white armor seems to have been updated slightly. Boyega is seen frantically trekking about a desert region which greatly resembles the planet of Tatooine, a pivotal location throughout the entire saga. Although Boyega’s exact role is left unclear, it is obvious that he is in a dire situation in the middle of the desert and searching for someone or something in particular.

Brand new to the film industry, actress Daisy Ridley is the next face that makes an appearance in the trailer. Ridley is seen dressed in traditional Tatooine-inspired garments and displays a great sense of urgency in the few seconds of screen time she has in the trailer. Resembling the iconic Star Wars character of Princess Leia, Ridley’s character mounts a speeder bike and zooms off, similar to the speeder seen on the moon of Endor in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

The third face in the trailer that is revealed is Inside Llewyn Davis star, Oscar Isaac’s. Isaac sports a helmet and uniform with the Rebel Alliance’s insignia on it and is also seen piloting an x-wing aircraft. The new x-wings in the latest Star Wars universe also appear to have been updated, showcasing blue stripes where they were red in the original trilogy. As Isaac’s x-wing is joined by a squadron of others, it is seen that they are soaring over a body of water, indicating that they are no longer on the dry desert planet of Tatooine.

There is a fourth actor in the trailer, but their identity is unknown, other than they are intended to be an antagonistic force in the new film. The actor is a mysterious figure cloaked all in black and trudging through a snow-filled forest, insinuating a possible new planet to be introduced into the Star Wars realm. The figure could be male or female, as there are still many other announced actors attached to the film that were not seen in the trailer. The most interesting aspect of this cloaked figure though, is when it draws its weapon. A red lightsaber is wielded by the character, a traditional weapon used by the dark side force users, but there appears to be two short sabers coming out of either side of the blade, creating an actual sword-like appearance through use of the deadly red light.

The trailer concludes by revealing the Millennium Falcon soaring through the skies, dueling with one of the TIE fighters that were used by the evil empire in the past episodes. The likes of the original cast members, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford remain unseen, although they are scheduled to reprise their famous roles.

The new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has many exciting aspects about it, regardless of the fact that the actual storyline still remains unknown. J. J. Abrams and the creative team behind The Force Awakens appear to be dangling quite a carrot in front of their fans, as more footage and info on the film will most likely not be released until after the new year. In the mean time, fans can obsess over the announcement trailer which can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

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