Breaking Bad/Frozen Parody Best YouTube Viral Video Ever (Video)



Two days ago, on November 15, YouTube channel ANIMEME uploaded their Breaking Bad/Frozen parody and it may just be the best viral video ever on the Internet in terms of spot on parody. Disney Studios’ Frozen was a massive hit with kids young and old across the world. Halloween this year featured a load of Frozen themed costumes and this animated feature put Disney back into the number one spot for children’s films and brought a newfound popularity to the old Hans Christian Anderson tale of the Snow Queen.

Taking a solid step sideways and playing a sort of word association game on the word snow – slang for cocaine, which leads to the association of drugs, which leads to meth and (Viola!) Breaking Bad and Walter White one can see the sheer brilliance behind this parody. Of course the more visible connection would be crystals, but it was much more entertaining to prove that there was at least one more drug connection in the original version of the Anderson story. The animated “rip off” of Disney’s show stoppingly cute song of Do You Want to Build a Snowman is changed when, dressed as Heisenberg, Walter White pushes Anna to the side declaring that “I am the one who knocks.

At the beginning of this just over three minute long animated Breaking Bad/Frozen parody, there is the obligatory animated open with Disneyesque type music and the silhouette not of Sleeping Beauty‘s castle but of lab flasks – to indicate the meth lab of the song. The YouTube entry has gone viral since being uploaded two days ago and it could be the best video ever to parody any Disney film.

The song and video works on so many levels. The end of the music video shows a “destroyed” Jesse surrounded by drug paraphernalia and money and an apparently exhausted Walter White slumped on the other side of the door, coughing and looking very sad. Interspersed throughout the video are scenes from the AMC Vince Gilligan hit show, Breaking Bad series, of the more horrific bits, Jesse shooting his “replacement” and Gus being blown up are featured along with a reference to the murder of Pinkman’s girlfriend by Heisenberg/White.

With well over 1.3 million views and rising, fans of both Breaking Bad and Disney’s Frozen must really like this well thought out short feature. If fans of both productions head over to the ANIMEME channel, they will see the lyrics to the song and learn that the video was written and created by Zack James, Amanda Hill, Stephen Kardynal, Evan Cloyd, Alex Negrete and animated by Toonocracy. Brock Baker played both Walter and Jessie in the music video.

At least one member of the Breaking Bad cast has approved of the Frozen parody and that is Bryan Cranston, Walter White/Heisenberg himself. The award winning actor posted, or shared rather, a link to the DORKLY.COM video with the status “I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS….and sings.” The post of what could be the best YouTube viral video parody ever went up around 11:43 PST on the Facebook page of the actor/director. Clearly Cranston got as big a kick out of the parody as the over 1.3 million, and rising, people who are watching it on YouTube. Have a look below at the video itself and enjoy.

By Michael Smith




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