Cher Cancels Dress to Kill Tour


Cher has cancelled the rest of her Dress to Kill tour. This includes a date in January that had already been rescheduled after a cancellation. The official reason for the cancelling the tour is an illness. Many wonder whether she will ever tour again.

The singer previously hinted that this would be her last ever tour. It is not the first time a singer or band has hinted at a final tour, but then returned with another. In fact, she has already done two “farewell” concerts at the Resch Center, Ashwaubenon. She was scheduled to appear here on October 25, but the date was rescheduled to January 17.

The Dress to Kill tour started in March. Cher has completed 49 dates so far, all of which were sold out. She then took a break in July, which had been scheduled to give the 68-year-old a much needed time out. When she returned to her tour in September, she was forced to cancel and postpone some of the dates, including the Resch Center one. The official reason given was an infection that caused problems for the function of her kidneys.

According to her publicist, she is struggling to recover fully from the illness. Her doctors have therefore suggested that she cancel the rest of her dates. She has agreed to this, putting her health first.

Anyone who has paid for tickets for the Resch date by credit card will receive a full refund by December 1. Those who paid in other methods will need to take their tickets to the Resch Ticket Star box office or mail them to the Ticket Star office to receive their full refund. It is likely that the same will be applied to all other dates as Cher cancels the rest of her Dress to Kill tour.

It now seems like this will not be her last tour of American. Due to the cancellation, she released a statement that said just how “devastated” she is about the decision. It has never happened to her in the past, but she did say that she hoped to make a return next year. This may be just to finish the dates that she has had to cancel.

Fans have tweeted their support for the If I Could Turn Back Time singer. Many have said that she should not feel disappointed about cancelling the dates. Her health has to come first, and her fans are behind her.

Cher tweeted about the news shortly after the update. She insisted that she wanted to tell her fans in person, but that could not happen for various reasons. At no point did she want to cancel the tour, but she has pushed her body too much already.

Unfortunately, not everyone was sympathetic and took to Twitter to rant about the decision. She is not the first singer to have people rant about cancelled dates. Miley Cyrus had to cancel a number of dates for her U.S. tour in April after being hospitalized, and had people complaining about the decision. Cher did not make the decision lightly to cancel the rest of her Dress to Kill tour.

By Alexandria Ingham


Green Bay Press Gazette

New York Daily News


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  1. Gareth O'Toole   November 21, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    I seen Cher perform at Dublin’s Point Theatre here in Ireland on 6th November 1999. She was incredible. It was like a roller coaster ride, when it was over you wish you were back to the start so you could do it all again! Hat off to an amazing singer and actress


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