CM Punk Says He Was Fired From WWE on His Wedding Day

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During an interview on Art of Wrestling podcast, wrestler CM Punk said he was fired from the WWE on his wedding day. Punk went into great details about the circumstance that led to him no longer being with the World Wrestling Entertainment. Punk claims he received his termination papers via a FedEx package on the day he married WWE Diva A.J. Lee. According to CM Punk, he received the letter in June, on his wedding day, for a breach of contract. He was officially fired from the federation with them using his wedding as an avenue to let him go.

This is contrary to popular belief that CM Punk walked out on the WWE back in January and called it quits. He does admit to walking out on the company back on Jan. 27. Punk claims he sustained a concussion during his match the previous night at the pay-per-view Royal Rumble. He finished his match, and was later cleared by WWE doctor Chris Amman to return to action the next night for the WWE’s flagship television program Monday Night Raw. Punk disagreed with the decision and eventually informed CEO Vince McMahon and McMahon’s son-in-law Triple H he was leaving. He told them he was done, frustrated about a series of happenings.

According to CM Punk he was later notified by McMahon via text he was suspended for two months. Upon the completion of the suspension he did not have much contact with the company. He later reached out asked about royalties he felt was owed to him from merchandise sales. A meeting occurred between he and McMahon were he called the organization’s environment “toxic.” Next thing he knew, he was fired.

CM Punk, whose legal name is Phillip Brooks, brought up several others instances that led to his decision to walk out that cold January night in Cleveland, and eventually leading to when he says he was fired from the WWE on his wedding day. He claims that leading up to that night he had experienced a series of both career and medical mistreatment. He talked about him and Triple H never much getting along, calling moments of the two being in the same room as “awkward.”

CM Punk goes on to take shot at the WWE’s talent wellness policy. He says that they should allow wrestlers to form a union just as major sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL do. That way they can avoid the kind of unethical nature that lingers inside the wrestling world, particularly the WWE.

CM Punk went into detail of how he discovered a sizable lump on his back sometime in November 2013. He asked Amman on several occasions to treat it by cutting out the lump. Amman refused to, CM Punk claims. He said that he wrestled for a couple of months with the lump, which eventually turned colors and became painful. Just before the Royal Rumble he asked Amman one final time to remove the lump, but again Amman refused to do so.

CM Punk recalls throwing up, dry heaving, and eventually defecating in his wrestling trunks during a match during the time he had the lump. After he walked out in January, his then-fiancée’ and eventual wife A.J. Lee found him a doctor that diagnosed him with a MERSA staph infection and immediately drained the infection. Punk claims that ignoring injuries were the norm in the WWE.

Just like one time he suffered an elbow injury that sidelined him. He was to meet with the renowned sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. Instead he was informed by WWE personnel Michael Hayes that he was cleared, as he went over who Punk would be working with in a wrestling program. CM Punk replied to Hayes saying he had not seen Dr. Andrews yet, but Hayes informed him that Amman talked to Dr. Andrews over the phone and told him of Punk’s condition, getting a clearance from Dr. Andrews for Punk to wrestle.

CM Punk made it clear during the interview he does not want to rekindle any type of working relationship with the WWE again. He addressed other topics, including McMahon stealing his ideas and using them on other wrestlers. He talked about how solid wrestlers like Daniel Bryan and himself were held back by creative. He called out fellow wrestler Ryback, blaming him for a botched move that resulted in him receiving broken ribs. CM Punk called his time in the WWE a failure because he did not headline WrestleMania. He blamed politics for the reasoning.

After CM Punk’s interview in which he says he was fired from the WWE on his wedding day, the WWE released a statement. The statement was in response to Punk’s blasting of the talent wellness policy. The company said they take the wellness of their talents seriously, and praised the “well-respected” physician Dr. Joseph Maroon. The statement did not mention Dr. Amman.


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