Constantine: A Feast of Friends (Recap and Review)


Constantine: A Feast of Friends starts with entry through an airport and after arousing the suspicions of the passport clerk, a man is taken into customs and questioned. An object is on the table in front of him and the customs officer asks what it is. The man asks the officer not to touch the thing and when he does, a whirlwind of bugs come out and fly into the officer’s mouth. Constantine and Zed are bonding in the sunshine and she sees falling coins just before Manny comes to visit and he talks cryptically about Zed. When Constantine asks Manny why he is there, he says he is not and vanishes.

Returning to the cabin, John tells Zed she it a “real bitsa” – she has “bits a’ everything” in her in terms of supernatural gifts. Seeing that the building has been broken into, the two enter cautiously to find an old friend of Constantine’s caught in a gravity trap. Gary Lester is a part of Newcastle, where John lost a girl to a demon (mentioned in the pilot episode) and after the incident, Gary traveled to the Sudan and drew a demon out of a man in an attempt to atone for mistakes made in the northern English city.

It was this demon that the customs officer set free which then entered his body. After telling his tale to John and Zed, things switch to the officer who is eating everything in sight. After the man dies, the demon, in the guise of flying bugs that look like giant roaches, fly out of his mouth. Constantine then prepares to put the demon into a bottle with containment magic engraved on its surface. The entity is a hunger demon and it must be contained.

John talks about how things were back in the day. He reveals that Gary was into drugs back then and that since the mess in Newcastle, Lester is now a full blown addict. After completing the spell for the bottle, it turns out that the demon has jumped into another woman. In Feast of Friends, Constantine is in a race with the CDC who believe the demon is some sort of transferable disease. Gary wants to help his old friend and John refuses making him stay in the cabin with Zed.

Lester tells her a little of what John was like back then. According to him all of Constantine’s friends thought he was the “dog’s nuts” and rushed to be around him. While Gary is telling Zed about it, she reaches out to touch him and she makes a psychic connection with the addict. John tracks the demon down to the last place it was seen, a supermarket, and he learns that the “bugs” moved from the woman and “flew into” a meat delivery guy.

This information allows John to find the demon and he attempts to put it into his magic bottle. The entity proves to be too strong and it breaks the bottle. As the demon continues to move from body to body, Constantine must go on a “trip” with a friend in “the trade” called Nommo to learn how to trap the evil spirit. Gary leaves the cabin to help and John learns that only a human container can hold the entity and Lester volunteers to be the keeper of the demon. Even though he knows that the thing inside him will consume him along with itself, he wants to make the sacrifice in order to make up for failing to help the girl in Newcastle, England.

In A Feast of Friends, Constantine continues to follow the journey of this comic book character brought to life on the small screen. Despite the fact that John does not puff on one cigarette during this episode, the show does manage to deliver some creepy moments and the CG is pretty impressive as are the FX in the show. A little deviation of the comic book character’s personal habits may bother purists, but everything else feels quite authentic. Matt Ryan is still as English as a P.G. Tips tea bag and a pint of bitter. One gets the feeling from just listening to the actor speak as John Constantine that the character still watches the World Cup when not traipsing around the world taking on demons and watching his fiends die. Constantine airs Fridays on NBC.

By Michael Smith



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