Constantine: Danse Vaudou Smoking Cigarette and Gun (Review)

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The beginning of Constantine: Danse Vaudo, sees John with a smoking cigarette between his teeth while working on a zoetrope which affects Zed, after this little display, something else is seen smoking, a gun fired by an off-duty cop. In this episode Constantine will meet up with Papa Midnight in order to stop the man from bringing vengeful spirits back from the dead, Chas shows just how resilient he really is a little more is learned about Zed.

A woman in a surgical mask attacks a woman in an alley, a policeman shoots the masked murderer who apparently absorbs the rounds and runs off unharmed. A boy hitches a ride with a man on a dark, cold and lonely road. As the man makes advances toward the young hitchhiker, the youngster asks if the older man will take him to the city. The driver turns to talk to the boy and he is gone from the front passenger seat. When the man looks at the road ahead, he sees the boy standing in front of the car. The man swerves into a scarred tree and dies.

Zed gets a vision of the dead boy, Philip, in an elevator and when John learns of her vision he calls the police to warn them of an impending death. When Chas, Zed and Constantine turn up at the crash site, they learn their warning came too late and the cop arrests John for murder. Later, he convinces the lawman of his innocence and John starts tracking down the origins of the two murderous ghosts in the show. The smoking cigarette at the beginning of Danse Vaudou, is the first time John actively interacts with a tobacco product and the gun used by the cop at the beginning stays in his holster for the rest of the show.

John heads out to meet with Papa Midnight, who tried to kill him in a previous episode, after learning that the Voodoo priest was helping people get in touch with the dead. His working as a channel to talk to the deceased has allowed them to return. When Constantine interrupts Midnight while working for a woman who wants to speak with her dead husband, the priest blows powder into the Englishman’s face rendering him unconscious. John is then put in the trunk of the holy man’s car.

The next day, Papa goes to visit the woman and he learns that her dead husband has returned and he is killing his wife. Constantine lets himself out of the car trunk and explains that it is the rising dark that interfered with Midnight’s magic. The priest decides to work with John to fix the problem and Chas meets the deadly female ghost. As he saves her potential victim, Chas is attacked instead and almost dies.

Zed and the cop team up to find the ghostly hitchhiker and as the two are on the road, the detective says he recognises Zed and wants to know why she changed her name. The two find Philip and give him a lift and he asks if they will take him to the city. In mid conversation with Zed, the ghost disappears and reappears in front of the vehicle and she runs the boy down, and vanishes once again.

Midnight and Constantine attempt to solve the problem with fire (started with John’s second cigarette of the evening) and blessing the bodies, when this does not go work as planned, the two turn on one another and while arguing John figures out what went wrong. Zed and the detective pick up Philip again and this time he does not vanish from the car, instead the young ghost asks her to pull the car over. Chas confronts the scissor wielding ghost and confuses her by responding to her question “Do you think I’m pretty,” with questions of his own.

Constantine works out that it was the grief felt by the people who asked Papa Midnight for help that made the ghosts appear and the three women are brought to the cleansing ceremony and this time it works. Zed finds out how the cop knows her and she gets a vision of him bleeding and dead, it turns out that she went missing and the detective worked her case. At the end of Constantine: Danse Vaudou, John is seen smoking his third cigarette in the episode and Papa Midnight listens to his “hotline to hell,” and relays to Constantine that someone close will betray him. No else fires a gun in the episode, and for all the tobacco not smoked in the previous segments of the show, it appears that NBC has allowed John to make up for lost time. It remains to be seen how long it will take for complaints to come rolling in.

By Michael Smith