Robin Thicke Possibly Hooking up With Young Model April Love Geary

Newly divorced Robin Thicke has reportedly gotten together with 19-20 year-old model April Love Geary, at least that is how it seems according to several recent pictures she posted of both herself and her surroundings in what appears to be the singer’s bedroom. The pictures, posted first on October 2 and then a few weeks later, depict the woman enjoying various aspects of life inside the home. These include drinking coffee in a bed after waking up in the morning, taking a selfie in the vanity mirror of a living room, and expressing her delight at a vase of flowers that she says were given to her.

The evidence showing the connection between the room the girl was staying in and Thicke’s bedroom were posted on popular gossip website TMZ early this morning, pictures of the singer’s room having been obtained from the real estate company that handled the sale of the home in question following the 37-year-old’s wife filing for divorce on October 8th. More than one aspect of the pictures taken by Geary match up with the photos depicting the inside of Thicke’s home, enough in fact for there to be little to no doubt that the photographs were captured in the same residence. The extravagantly framed mirror in the background, as well as the intricately designed dining room chair, exactly match that of the same in the aforementioned picture of pink roses that Geary posted. The vanity mirror and surrounding area matches the exact same color and design of Thicke’s living room vanity area, right down to the teal colored marble dish that is placed upon the counter to hold various products and soaps. In terms of the coffee drinking selfie, the cushion headboard attached to the bed and vintage painting hung behind it appear in both the model’s pictures and the pictures of Thicke’s home.

This is the first sign of moving on that the California native has shown since his marriage began to fall apart earlier this year. He spent the first few months following the couple’s split publicly pining for ex Paula Patton, sending her floral bouquets on a regular basis as well as openly asking for her forgiveness in concert. Patton was clear on the fact that this was not the way to win back her affection and that the issues needed to be resolved privately and only privately, advice that was not heeded by Thicke whatsoever. A few months after the initial breakup, the woman officially filed for divorce, proceedings which sources say were nothing but amicable as the two had mutually decided to go their separate ways. Joint custody was awarded regarding the pair’s four-year old child, a son named Julian. The reason for the divorce was listed as irreconcilable differences, which is the norm for Hollywood celebrities unless adultery has been committed, an issue which in itself had been raised multiple times during their marriage. However, in Los Angeles such matters are irrelevant during a divorce, so it did not affect the proceedings regardless of whether Thicke had actually been unfaithful at any point during their nine-year union.

It remains to be seen whether Robin Thicke and April Love Geary are indeed in a serious relationship of any kind. However, the pair have been spotted together on more than one occasion in the past few months. This as well as the aforementioned evidence connecting her presence to his home, seem to point in the direction that the two are at the very least involved in some form of romantic pairing.

By Rebecca Grace

In Touch Weekly
Photo by City Year – Flickr License

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