Cop Who Shot Michael Brown Says He Would Do It Again [Video]

The police officer who shot and killed Missouri teen Michael Brown says he has absolutely no regrets about ending the 18-year-old’s life, and that he would do the same thing over again should he be put in the same circumstance once more. The interview was conducted with ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos earlier today, and was aired tonight on the segment ABC’s World News Tonight.

When asked to give his opinion on the Missouri Grand Jury’s verdict to let him walk away scot-free from the shooting, Darren Wilson did not hesitate for a second before saying he believed the ruling was fair and that the jury made the exact right decision to not recommend discipline for what had happened. He went on to say that his conscience is completely clear over the matter, and that in no way would he go back and undo the decision to pull the trigger on the boy. The officer dismissed the heavy speculation that the decision was made more because of the deceased’s race than anything to do with self-defense, insisting that race was in no way a factor and that he would have done the same thing had Brown been of Caucasian heritage.

During the rest of the interview, Wilson took the opportunity to give his version of events as to what exactly went down in the moments before shots were fired and Brown’s life subsequently ending as a result. His side detailed his claims that the St. Louis native attempted to grab his gun by reaching into his patrol car, which is said to have been when the situation escalated to the fullest. As well as attempting to unsecure the police officer’s weapon from his person, Wilson says that Brown was attempting to physically assault him at the same time, throwing punches that led to the cop being struck in the face twice.

Upon multiple shots being fired inside the vehicle during the struggle for control of the gun, Wilson says that the deceased quickly made the move to attempt fleeing of the scene, upon which time the officer decided to pursue him to see where he was going to go or what he was going to do next. Wilson alleges that the teenager then made the move turn around and charge at him, prompting to the officer to make the executive decision to open fire in order to protect himself from Brown causing him any kind of substantial or fatal injury as a result of said charging. The array of bullets that were shot from the officer’s gun made significant contact with the teenager’s body, with a shot to the head being the one that put his life to an end.

In regards to the public argument that Brown was not only unarmed but also was not resisting in any way in that he had his hands up and was doing his best to cooperate with the officer, Wilson says that this is simply untrue and that the teen was most definitely acting erratic and posing a danger to his personal security. Again, he remains adamant that shooting him was the right thing to do and therefore it was completely just for the jury in question to choose not to indict him on charges of murder or manslaughter in regards to Brown’s death.

It remains to be seen whether Officer Darren Wilson’s recent comments that he deserved no prison time whatsoever for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown will lead to further escalation of the recent riots that have been taking place all through American in support of the fallen teen. The boy is being honored and fought for in not only his home state of Missouri, but also in Boston and New York.

By Rebecca Grace

Fox News
ABC News
Photo by Susan Melkisethian – Flickr License

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