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Craft Beer

Although major beer distributors have gained their house hold brand recognition micro-breweries have retained a status amongst beer consumer markets across the country. Craft breweries have produced a variety of ales and lagers with highlighted attributes for all types of beer advocates and include your average Joe beer consumer looking to broaden their drinking horizons. To put this simply, the beer is made better which in turn tastes better! As with any globally distributed product the quality takes a major hit this is where craft breweries have a leg up on the competition.

Beer crafters are not only focusing on refining the quality of their products, they take the time to study what may be complimentary foods similar to that of wine pairing. An essential element kept in the crafters set of tools are the variety of ingredients stocked in their arsenal. The ingredients used to make beer are what can the difference between a full-bodied flavorful brew versus a watery less provocative concoction.

One point that is little known to those who drink major beer label distributors is the content of alcohol being distinctly less than craft beer. Your average beer contains anywhere from 4.4 percent alcohol to a little under 6. Craft Beer usually ranges between 6.5 percent up to 18 in some barley wine brews. A myriad of seasonal beers also are promoted and prepared to distinct holidays or times of he year.

What this means is one will need to put down way more of the weaker beers in order to achieve what a crafter brew could do in one to two with more flavor and saving more money in the long run. To top things off Craft beer contains nutrients and antioxidants where its competition lacks thereof.

In some case crafters brews have been noted to be a more effective source of antioxidants than wine. Vitamins B and fiber have also been found in the craft beer ensemble of nutrients. With a high volume of alcohol comes another benefit for the beer fan, fewer calories! Similar to the characteristics of Liquor craft beer contains less than 25 percent or less than that of a recommended daily value of caloric intake.

Probably the most notable difference between the two markets is the approach to seasonal varieties to their craft. The craft of brewing requires certain criteria to achieve the desired style and flavor, temperature being a main requirement. Under these conditions beers become only available during certain times of the year creating anticipation for a not your average year round draft.

Some breweries are well-known for their exclusive seasonal creations. For example, Russian River brewery is known for their legendary double IPA called Pliney of the Elder which is brewed year round. However they also brew a limited take on the Elder Brew called Pliney of the Younger which is the Triple IPA that only comes out once a year for two weeks only on a very limited distribution and is found on draft only on location. Craft beer is on the rise and not without good reason.

by Ernesto Perez


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