Revenge: Ambush (Recap/Review)

RevengeThere is only one thing to say about the Ambush episode of Revenge: finally! After this cat and mouse game that was going on for the last few episodes, Emily finally came forward and she told David that she is Amanda. Despite the fact that this episode was not anything special and it seemed like the reunion will not happen (again), everything changed in the last couple of minutes.

After Emily found out that David staged his abduction in the previous episode of Revenge, she sneaks into the beach house in the middle of the night and she finds a knife and a key in her father’s hiding spot. After that, she orders Nolan to get the police file on Conrad’s murder, because she believes that her father might have killed him. Meanwhile, David visits Jack and he asks about Amanda’s friends. Jack tells him that she and Emily were very close, so David surprises her with his visit. Emily is shocked when she sees him, but she does not tell him that she is Amanda. However, she mentions the incident that happened on baby shower for Amanda’s baby, when Victoria pushed her. David faces Victoria about that, but she tells him that it was an accident and that she always tried to help Amanda. Well, David does not believe her so he visits one of Amanda’s friends at the strip club where she used to work. Much to the viewer’s surprise, she tells David that Amanda’s fall was an accident and that Victoria came to the strip club to offer her help, even before Amanda moved to the Hamptons, but David’s daughter refused Vicky’s help. After David leaves, this girl goes to another room where Victoria is waiting for her. It appears that good old Vicky paid the girl to lie and to make her look good in David’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Louise keeps realizing her plan. After a tennis match, she and Margaux go into a sauna and she starts asking all these questions about her relationship with Daniel. When she realizes that Margaux and Victoria will always be connected because of Pascal, Louise leaves the room. Well, she starts hallucinating and she sees her mother who tells her that it is really best if she quits. Louise looses it and she locks Margaux into the sauna and she sets the heating on maximum. Luckily, Margaux manages to break the window and she escapes, but she soon realizes that it was Louise who tried to kill her. Margaux tells Daniel about what happened and when he asks Louise if she tried to kill his girlfriend, she denies it. Later that night, Margaux asks Daniel if he fired Louise and when he says that he did not, because she might get mad and come after her again, Margaux realizes that he slept with her.

After Nolan discovers that the key that Emily found opens a safe deposit box, she goes to the bank to get whatever is inside that vault. However, she only has seven minutes to take the content from the box, because Nolan will kill the electricity and when it comes back after seven minutes, the cameras might catch her. Well, everything is going according the plan, until Daniel intercepts Emily in the elevator. He faces her and says that he knows that she is Amanda. However, the only thing he wants is for her to keep him out of her fight with Victoria. It looks like everything worked out well, but the elevator suddenly stops, because Nolan killed the electricity, according to the plan. Emily was too late, because of Daniel, however, she manages to get out. The clock is ticking and she must hurry. She opens the box and there is a lot of money inside, but she only takes a flash drive and she puts the box back inside. Emily gets out just in time and when she comes home, she takes a look at that flash drive.

Emily is shocked when she sees a bunch of pictures of Amanda and it seems like David was following her for a long time. Ems looses it and she goes to the beach house. She tells Victoria to get lost and she starts yelling at David that he could have come for her. When he sees the infinity tattoo on her hand, he realizes that she is Amanda. Well, their reunion is interrupted, because Victoria gets electrocuted when she touches her car. Someone obviously wanted to hurt Victoria and when David hears that something happened outside, he rushes to help Victoria. And Emily is just standing on the porch, staring at them with a creepy look on her face.

Well, it was a highly anticipated reunion and it finally happened. It was short though and it will be interesting to see how the relationship between Emily and David will develop in the upcoming episodes of Revenge. One thing is for sure: David Clarke is not the man he used to be and since he was a free man for all these years and he never came for Amanda, he will have a lot of explaining to do.

By: Janette Verdnik


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