Revenge: Damage (Recap/Review)

RevengeThe Damage episode of Revenge was most certainly one of the most exciting episodes in season four, despite the fact that Emily and David again failed to reunite. However, several other twists happened and Revenge is becoming very tense, just like it was in its previous seasons.

As Charlotte wakes up after she left the party with the guy with a moon tattoo on his hand the night before, she finds out that he actually kidnapped her. He tells her that she is his bait and the two of them get into a fight, which ends with this guy’s death. Charlotte is just about to call the police, when she finds a file of David Clarke in this guy’s drawer. So, instead of calling the police, she calls her sister. Emily comes and she sets the scene so it looks like the guy overdosed, tripped and hit his head when he fell. During her conversation with Charlotte, Emily tells her that she never killed anyone and when her sister asks about Aiden, Ems tells her that is was Victoria who killed him.

Meanwhile, everything is set for David’s interview. However, before the interview takes place, David visits Nolan and asks him to be there, because he needs someone by his side. Victoria does not like seeing Nolan there, because she is very afraid that David might say something that he should not. Well, during his interview, David asks Nolan to join him and then a surprising twist happens when he publicly accuses Ross that he stole the money which he was supposed to give to Amanda when she turns 18. Since Nolan gave her the money, but he actually gave it to Emily, Nolan has to be quiet and he cannot tell the truth. Later that night, after the interview, David again visits Nolan and he keeps accusing him. Things get pretty hot and he punches Ross. When Emily comes over there, David is already gone and Nolan is bleeding from his nose. Ems asks what happened and her friend tells her that her lies finally caught up to him.

After that, Emily asks him if David did this and he answers that no, she did this. So, Nolan tells Ems that it is time she tells her father the truth, but she found out some things about David and she does not want to reveal the truth just yet. It appears that the guy, who kidnapped Charlotte, followed David for quite some time and on one of his pictures, David is photographed walking freely at the time when he was supposedly still Conrad’s prisoner. Furthermore, Emily went to check out the place where Conrad allegedly kept David and she found out that the bed where David supposedly slept shows no signs of rust, despite the fact that when it rained, that entire room was flooded. So, it looks like this bed was put into the room subsequently, since everything else in there was covered with rust. Emily now knows that her father is obviously lying about being kidnapped by Conrad and she is wondering what else he is lying about.

Louise is still developing her plan and during this episode of Revenge, it becomes obvious that she sees Vicky as her mother. She has her eyes set on Margaux now, since she saw that she and Victoria are very close and this is exactly the kind of relationship that Louise wants with Vicky. However, after Victoria finds out that Daniel is working for Louise, she finally tells her son that she was in a mental facility and that she was not travelling like she said she did. Well, she tells Daniel that she checked herself in, because of everything that happened with Pascal and she tells her son that Louise was her roommate back there.

Charlotte finally decides to go into rehab and before she leaves, she visits Daniel and she says that she needs to tell him something about Emily. Well, the creators kept the viewers in dark, because they did not show what she told him. However, as she was driving away, Charlotte found an envelope that Emily obviously put in her purse, since it says “To my sister,” but again, it did not show what is inside that envelope.

Things are really heating up in Revenge and it is becoming more and more obvious that David Clarke is not the men he used to be. He is lying, manipulating and he believes that Victoria is on his side. Well, she might be on his side now, but she surely was not when he was locked away and left in prison to rot. The fact is that David has changed and it really might be better if Emily does not tell him that she is Amanda until she finds out what his plan is. Obviously, he came back for a reason and sooner or later, Ems will find out what this reason is.

By: Janette Verdnik


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