Homeland: From A to B and Back Again (Recap/Review)

HomelandWhat appeared to be just another average episode of Homeland, turned out to be anything but that in From A to B and Back Again last few minutes. Finally, with that amazing twist at the end of the episode, Homeland showed why this show was worth watching in the first place.

Aayan and Carrie are working on his new identity and she surprises him with 10.000 pounds of cash and a new passport. She tells him that he will leave that night and Aayan wants to go and get his personal belongings that he still has at the University. Carrie tells him to be careful and when Aayan is packing his things, Kiran comes over. She sees that he is packing and Aayan tells her that he is going to England, because a journalist arranged everything.

When he leaves his room at the University, Aayan sees that someone is following him. However, he manages to escape, but Carrie is furious when he tells her what happened. She tells him that it would be better if they postpone his departure until the dust settles, but Aayan is convinced that he will never be safe in his own country. So, he tells Carrie that his uncle, Haissam Haqqani, could help him to get across the border to Afghanistan. In the next second, some masked men break into the apartment and Aayan manages to escape, but Carrie gets kidnapped. However, it soon becomes obvious that it was all a part of her plan, because she put an antenna on Aayan’s passport and he can now lead them to Haqqani, since he will most probably reach out to him.

Everything is going according to Carrie’s plan, because Aayan enters a bus that goes to Bannu and apparently, his uncle has a camp near this village. However, it seems like the operation might be going south when the bus is stopped by some soldiers, who start checking everyone’s passports. When one of them realizes that Aayan’s passport is fake, the boy gives him the money that Carrie gave him and he is allowed to continue his journey. When he arrives, Aayan calls his uncle, who tells his nephew to meet him where they went when he was a boy. Aayan goes there and four soldiers soon approach him. They take him to the meeting place where Haqqani shows up after a few minutes. Carrie orders the strike, but in that moment, Quinn comes in and he tells her that Saul is missing. Well, Carrie tells him that she is in the middle of something and she again tells the guys to take the shot, but in the next second, Haqqani pulls Saul out of his car. He tells his nephew that this is the ex director of the CIA and that Carrie was also a CIA agent. After that, he shots Aayan in the head and the boy dies. Carrie looses it and she orders her guys to take the shot, but Quinn tells her that they cannot do that, because they would kill Saul.

Meanwhile, Dennis is spying for the ISI and he is collecting information on Carrie. He follows Fara, who goes to the safe house to clean the evidence that were left there and could reveal that Aayan was their asset. Well, while she is upstairs, Dennis sneaks in and takes some of the pictures that Aayan left behind. Dennis then meets with Tasneem Qureshi, the ISI agent who got him into this mess. He shows her the picture of Carrie’s medicines and Aayan’s pictures, however, he does not reveal anything about Carrie’s daughter. Tasneem immediately calls someone and based on what happened with Aayan, she probably called Haqqani and told him that his nephew was in the hands of the CIA.

After first five episodes, From A to B and Back Again was a refreshing episode and it was surely tense in its least few minutes. The creators of Homeland managed to pull off an amazing twist and they finally brought back the magic that the show had in its previous seasons. With Aayan gone, Carrie lost her leverage, so it will be interesting to see what she will do now, in order to get Haqqani once and for all.

By: Janette Verdnik


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