Homeland: About a Boy (Recap/Review)

HomelandFrom episode to episode, things in Homeland are seriously heating up. After Carrie successfully seduced Aayan in the previous episode, About a Boy episode reveals her deeper plan with him – Carrie wishes to recruit Aayan.

After Fara found out that Haissam Haqqani is still alive, the team now rents a shop across the street from the mosque where he was spotted. They plan to wait there, because Quinn is certain that Haqqani will appear again.

Meanwhile, Aayan feels very bad about what he and Carrie did, so he wants to leave while Carrie goes out to buy them breakfast. However, she gets back in time and she convinces the boy to stay. Furthermore, when she sees that Aayan feels guilty for what happened, because this is against his faith, she starts playing the trust card. Carrie tells him that she has a daughter, but her father is not alive any more, because she sent him on a very dangerous job that took his life. Of course, she twists the story a little bit and tells Aayan that her daughter’s father was also a journalist. However, she obviously gets the effect that she wanted, since Aayan wants to have sex with her again, despite the fact that it is time for prayer.

Dennis, the ambassador’s husband, goes over to Carrie’s apartment and it appears that the key, which the ISI gave him, is actually the key to Mathison’s place. However, he is to afraid to enter, so he goes to a hotel bar instead and gets drunk. The ambassador asks Redmond to go and get her husband and when he gets to the bar, Dennis almost tells him the truth. Well, the ISI lady, who is actually blackmailing Dennis, comes and interrupts the conversation. However, after Dennis tells Redmond that there is nothing to say about his problems, Redmond looks very sceptic, since Dennis stopped talking when the ISI lady approached them. Later that night, Dennis obviously finds the courage to go into Carrie’s apartment and when he finds a photo of Carrie and her daughter, he photographs it with his phone. Also, he photographs Carrie’s medicine and the real question is, why does the ISI need this things photographed? To use it in their own advantage if necessary?

Saul is at the airport and he is just about to get on his flight when he spots Farhad Ghazi. He calls Carrie, but he only gets her voice mail. So, Saul decides to follow Farhad and he calls Quinn when he discovers that Ghazi is going to Johannesburg. Well, Saul is keeping an eye on the guy, who goes into the restroom and after a while, two strange men get out. Saul decides to check the restroom and as he enters, Farhad is waiting for him. It looks like he saw Saul following him and he decided to lure him into the restroom, where these two strange guys inject something to Saul’s neck and he passes out.

Fara and Quinn see that the cleric is on the move, so she follows him on foot. She sees these two strange guys handing keys to the cleric, who then gets into a parked car and drives away. Quinn is already there with his car, so he and Fara follow the cleric. However, as they realize that he is going to the mountains, where the Taliban area is, they must turn around and go back. Well, before they do that, Fara attempts to approach the cleric’s car to put on a tracking device, but she fails. However, as one of the guards at the checkpoint opens the cleric’s trunk, Saul is al tied up inside.

Quinn visits Carrie the next day and he is furious because she is not picking up her phone. He fills her in on what happened and he tells her that they needed her to give the order for the drone, which could follow the cleric. Carrie tells him that she is busy recruting Aayan and Quinn immediately realizes that she is sleeping with him. That makes him even more mad, since he is obviously in love with Carrie. After she gets back into the house, Aayan is gone. Well, Mathison finds him on the roof and he finally tells her that his uncle is alive, but very sick. It looks like her seducing paid off, since boy obviously trusts her now.

Everything is currently going according to Carrie’s plans. With one small exception – Saul got kidnapped by the ISI. This is most certainly a twist that no one saw coming and it can turn everything upside down. With About a Boy episode, Homeland announced that this will be some crazy season, with more and more twists to come.

By: Janette Verdnik


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