Revenge Involves a Different Type of Love Triangle


Revenge is involving a different type of love triangle; one that viewers will find interesting. David Clarke is back, and it will be a triangle involving him, his lover and his daughter. The man with a shady past will have a lot of conflicting emotions as the truth all comes out.

It is still unclear just what David went through for the last 10 years. While he has shown Victoria Grayson where he was “kept” that could have been somewhere created for his revenge plans later in season four.

One thing seems certain for now; he does not seem to know that Emily Thorne is really his daughter Amanda. He has no idea about the identity switch, and it is up to Nolan Ross to explain it all. Of course, Victoria knows the truth will come out eventually, and she wants it to come out in a way that benefits her. She wants to be the one that David chooses in the end.

Emily really wants to tell her father that she is Amanda. However, there is still a lot of work to do. Victoria is still around, and she needs to finish her revenge plot. She has also created a life as Emily Thorne, and there would be too many questions if she came out as the real Amanda. Victoria wants her to come out with her real identity.

David still has a lot more that he has to share too, and it’s leading to a different type of love triangle on Revenge. Victoria has a lot to learn about her lover, including who he was before he even moved to the Hamptons two decades ago. It seems that everything was not as remembered by Victoria or Emily.

Along with Victoria finding out some harsh truths, there seems to be some that Emily needs to learn. It could end up with her being disappointed about who her father really is. There is also the question over whether David is disappointed in her. In his journals, he wanted her to move on and forgive people. Instead, she has spent the last three seasons setting up everyone’s public falls from grace. David’s thoughts and feelings may have changed after 10 years of being in captivity, if that really is the story.

Madeline Stowe, who plays the Grayson matriarch, hinted to Hollywood Life that this love triangle will come out more throughout season four. She explained that David’s life is still in danger, and he has been very manipulative in the way that he has shared who he really is. This has been rolled out slowly, and he certainly has some cards up his sleeve.

Some say that season four of Revenge will be the last season. It seems that the show has all been leading to this story of David coming back from the dead. That does not mean the two leading ladies are going to see their storylines cut short. It is just very different for the two as roles have reversed and Victoria finds she is the one out for blood.

There are more twists and turns to come, as expected. One thing that is certain is this season of Revenge will have a different type of love triangle to entertain viewers.

By Alexandria Ingham



Hollywood Life


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