Baby Beyoncé Wows Crowds With ‘Single Ladies’ Routine [Video]

Baby Beyoncé Wows Crowds With ‘Single Ladies’ Routine

At only 19-months-old Baby Beyoncé is already wowing crowds with her Single Ladies routine. This young beauty queen, Bobbi Boyden, has only been walking for five months but is already strutting across stages at pageants.  She acquired the stage name Baby Beyoncé with her show-stopping routine by the original queen Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

Baby Beyoncé, of Colchester, Essex, wears a curled hairpiece and black leotard as she blows kisses to the audience while shaking her hips during the Single Ladies routine.  Her young age has many questioning whether she should be allowed to enter a beauty pageant and now her mother, Stephanie Boyden, is receiving serious backlash for the decision to showcase her daughter.

Bobbi’s 32-year-old mother has rejected the criticism and insists it is nothing more than harmless fun.  She said Baby Beyoncé is a diva who loves performing.  Anton, the little girl’s father, said initially he thought the routine was inappropriate, but after seeing her on stage performing had a change of heart. Stephanie said:

I completely disagree that pageants can sexualize children. No one is at any kind of risk. When she’s a little bit older, I may consider spray tans and make-up.  When her name is called she runs to the stage and cries when she has to leave. She loves doing the Beyoncé routine. She shakes her bum, puts her hand in the air and waves and sometimes smacks her bum as well like Beyoncé does.

Little Bobbi entered her first beauty pageant in June with her older sisters, Eleanor and Demi, and has already won a lot of prizes.  Her family was in search of music for the talent portion of the competition when a friend suggested Single Ladies because the toddler likes to dance like Queen Bey. As soon as the music came on Baby Beyoncé started dancing and wiggling her bottom.  She watched the music video and copied the moves so it seemed an obvious choice for her, according to her mother.

Baby Beyoncé Wows Crowds With ‘Single Ladies’ Routine

Beauty pageants are not cheap.  In three months Stephanie has already spent 5,000 British pounds ($8,058.25 in U.S. funds) on entry fees and elaborate dresses.  One dress she was only able to wear once costed $200 but, “You cannot put a price on the look of her face when she is on stage in her costumes,” explained her mother.   Baby Beyoncé wears fancy dresses, crowns and wigs but no spray tans or heavy makeup.

Bobbi’s family has received harsh backlash for the toddler’s routine and clothing.  Stephanie has been accused of endangering her child and being a cruel mother with hate mail coming from as far away as the United States.  However, Stephanie is adamant that she is doing what is best for her child and would never put any of her children in danger.  The judges are given background checks and the crowd is filled with contestants’ parents and other family members; no one can just walk in unauthorized.

Anton said, as her father he was not happy about Baby Beyoncé wearing wigs but knows it is part of the pageantry.  He added:

You do have the odd person that thinks it is sexualized but that is wrong. The kids enjoy it and we enjoy watching them and if there was any harm in it then Bobbi wouldn’t be doing it.  She enjoys it and we don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Sara Collins, former beauty queen from Shorham-By-The-Sea, West Sussex, said the toddler has extraordinary talent and has signed Bobbi to her talent agency, Sara’s Stars.  Sara, who has been in the industry for over 25 years, said:

I can honestly say that for a child that age to have that much enthusiasm, encouragement, support from her family, but a natural gift to go out there and perform, it’s very rare, it’s very unusual. This child is going somewhere big, you mark my words.

Bobbi Boyden is turning heads with her jaw-dropping Single Ladies routine at only 19-months-old. This young beauty queen known as Baby Beyoncé loves the stage and attention it brings.  Her mother is under fire for allowing the toddler to perform inappropriately on public stages.  Nevertheless, Stephanie said her 19-month-old daughter is a natural-born performer who will continue to wow crowds with her show-stopping routine.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Mail Online

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