Supernatural Fan Fiction Tells the Demon Dean Story Better?


Supernatural fan fiction can be strange, but it can tell storylines better, including the Demon Dean storyline. A number of fans were annoyed at the way the show handled Dean’s demonic side and saving him, so took to sites like as their outlet.

They put their creative juices to use, and shared the way that they would have written the episodes up to last week’s Paper Moon. In many cases, Demon Dean did much more than drink, sing and sleep with random women. It was more about the killing and evil acts.

Many Supernatural fans were annoyed at the way Dean was saved from his demonic ways. After just three episodes, Sam got Dean, tied him up and injected him with purified blood. It took just an hour for Dean to go from the full demon back to his usual self. It was certainly not the ending that fans expected.

One of the worst parts was the lack of acknowledgement of everything that Demon Dean said to Sam. The demon even went as far as blaming Sam for the death of Mary Winchester. It visibly hurt Sam to hear that, but he has just brushed it off because of Dean being a demon at the time. He was not himself, so gets away with saying whatever he wants. There is also the fact that Sam did a number of questionable things while searching for his older brother.

The only choice for Supernatural fans was to tell the Demon Dean story a better with through fan fiction. There are a number of great options to read too, without going into the stranger storylines involing Wincest or Destiel (Castiel and Dean stories).

There is some irony in the idea that fan fiction tells the story better. It was during the fourth season that the Winchesters found out there were novels on their lives. They were written by prophet Chuck, and a number of fans of the novels had started writing fan fiction. It mimicked the Supernatural fans who took to fan fiction to share their ideas for their stories, including the idea of Sam and Dean being “together-together” despite being brothers.

An episode titled Fan Fiction is also coming up. The 200th episode on November 11 is a love letter to fans, and also builds on the irony that fans are telling their preferred storylines for Demon Dean. The Supernatural writers arguably brought Dean back from being evil just for that 200th episode, and may have something planned to return him to his demon state afterwards. It would certainly make sense. There are also likely plans for a conversation between Sam and Dean over everything that Demon Dean said.

While fans are angry at the way that Demon Dean was handled, they do have options. For those with the ideas and writing capabilities, there are websites that allow fans to post their stories. Those who have no interest in writing but want to read different ways of doing things, those sites are there full of stories. For many Supernatural fans, the fan fiction is telling the story of Demon Dean better.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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2 Responses to "Supernatural Fan Fiction Tells the Demon Dean Story Better?"

  1. April   November 3, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    Do you have any examples of good fan fics that improve on the Demon Dean arc?

  2. booklvr_k (@booklvr_k)   November 3, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Hardly anyone interested in quality fanfiction uses/reads The place for excellent fanfiction is which is also known as AO3.

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