British Banker Arrested for Double Murder in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

A British banker, formerly of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch branch, was arrested by Hong Kong Police on Sunday after two bodies were found in his apartment there. 29-year-old Rurik George Caton Jutting, has been charged with two counts of murder, where he will stand on trial at Hong Kong’s Eastern Magistrates’ Courts. Though police are currently unsure as to what the motive was, they are suspicious at the fact that it seems that Jutting actually turned himself in.

According to sources, Hong Kong police state that Jutting spoke with them shortly after three a.m. Saturday and asked them to investigate at his apartment. Police went to the scene quickly where they found two bodies in Jutting’s apartment; one was a woman with stab wounds to her buttocks and neck, who was still alive at the time but was unable to be resuscitated and the other had been decapitated and put into a suitcase which was on the balcony. Police pronounced both woman dead at the scene and then they arrested Jutting on the charges of a double murder.

It was only after the began investigating that they determined the identity of the man who asked police to search his apartment. They also received information that he was a banker at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch branch, but when they called a spokesperson for the bank told police that he had previously quit his job. Police also learned the identity of the women. Sumarti Ningsih, was the woman in the suitcase and the woman who was found unconscious with stab wounds was later identified as Jesse Lorena Ruri. Police are almost certain that the two women were prostitutes.

Police then obtained a warrant to continue searching the luxury apartment in the 40 story tower, when they found a knife, believed to be the murder weapon and pictures of one of the women. Investigators began searching, at that time, for any traces that their may have been other victims. Hong Kong police searched Jutting’s smart phone, viewing over 2000 photos. Hong Kong police also found cocaine and sex toys at the scene, and evidence that Sumarti had been tied up, indicating pre-meditation.

The media has called the incident the American Psycho-style killing spree, as the suspect is a high profile case, and seemed to do things that resembled the movie. In the movie the main character is an investment banker who lived a luxurious lifestyle but was also a murderer, as he killed two prostitutes. Social media also made many references to the movie when speaking of the crime.

However, according to Hong Kong police they believe that things were not right as they state that Jutting was supposedly talking deliriously when they arrived at his apartment. When they looked through his emails they also found a statement, in which Jutting had actually called himself an “insane psychopath.” According to sources, Jutting quit his high-paying job right before moving to Hong Kong last July. In the photos found on his phone it appears that he was often found surrounded by different women.

After his brief appearance in court he is set to be held until November 10. After, his arrest, he currently stands trial for double murder in Hong Kong, though police are working to determine if they can make anymore connections to the British banker.

By Crystal Boulware


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