How Can Supernatural Bring Demon Dean Back?


How can Supernatural writers bring Demon Dean back after the quick and arguably easy save? Considering the buildup over the summer months, it was an anticlimactic ending, but surely the writers have more up their sleeves. One thing is for certain: Dean still has the Mark of Cain.

There are plenty of ways to bring back the demon inside Dean. Chances are that considering Dean was not the conventional demon, saving him with purified blood has not saved him in the conventional way. It may have just suppressed the demon for now, but it is still in there and Dean knows that.

During the Supernatural season premiere, Crowley made a point that Dean had to keep killing. He needed to satisfy the mark, or he would become a full demon. It is something that he has failed to tell Sam so far, and nobody knows if Castiel knows the full details of the mark. Demon Dean could make a comeback if Dean fails to kill on time.

He failed to kill during the fourth episode—the first one after his “saving.” Could it be that the writers have planned his first killing helps to bring the demon back out of him, whether that killing is a supernatural being or human? It would certainly be an option to play way and would be an exciting ending to the 200th episode next week.

How else could the Supernatural writers bring back Demon Dean? They could always stay away from the demon, and focus more on the Mark of Cain. That was the storyline for Dean during season nine, and was never quite played out in full. The season nine finale seemed to hint that the Mark would play more of a role during the 10th season, and so far little has been done.

However, many fans want to see more of Demon Dean. They want the “year of the Deanmon” as had been promised throughout the year.

One option is for Crowley to help bring out the demon again. The King of Hell certainly has something else up his sleeve. He has the knife, and is not likely to get rid of it anytime soon even though he told Sam that he would. Despite Dean being bad for his reign, he enjoyed spending time with the older Winchester. The two could have had a good partnership, if Crowley just treated it like a partnership.

Metatron is also still alive, and Castiel does not want to kill him yet. Could the evil angel escape and help to bring the demon back out of Dean? That would certainly be an interesting option. It could even involve Dean finally killing Metatron.

There is still plenty of time for Demon Dean to make a return. While many fans wanted to see a whole year of him, it made sense to bring him back temporarily. The 200th episode is on November 11, and most fans would admit to wanting to see the brothers back to doing what they do best for that, considering it is a love letter to fans. There are still lots of options for the Supernatural writers to bring Demon Dean back.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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