Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Claims Homelessness and Poverty [Video]

Scott Stapp, who rose to fame as the frontman of the popular 90’s rock band Creed, has released a shocking new video in which he details his alleged financial and residential troubles, which he says have led to his whole life falling apart. The 15 minute long video was uploaded to the 41-year-old’s Facebook page early yesterday morning.

He opens up his plea for help with the statement that he is currently experiencing the detrimental results of being the victim of some kind of unjust attack. While he says he has still not figured out the exact reasons behind said attack, he fully attributes the start of his issues to around eight weeks ago, when he began experiencing problems with the IRS. Stapp says he became involved in an audit of both his record label and personal finances, during which time he claims that an extremely significant amount of income was taken from him without his consent (both directly and in the form of unpaid royalties.) Stapp accuses the IRS of having made the decision to freeze his bank accounts one more than one occasion, followed up by proceeding to dismiss it as merely a clerical error. Officials reportedly told the man that he would regain access to his funds within nine to 10 months, and offered no kind of solution for what he was supposed to do for food and board in the meantime. Stapp informed his fans that he was planning on pursuing the matter as far as possible, in that he was looking for a suitable attorney to hire in order to seek justice at the highest level.

The Florida native’s story becomes even more desolate as the video goes on, as he next tells his concerned listeners that his current residence is that of a Holiday Inn. He attributes his being able to take refuge in it as one of God’s miracles, given that he was forced to inhabit his truck for a few weeks prior and subsequently had absolutely no access to food or gas money. The Arms Wide Open hit-maker claims to have gone two days without eating anything whatsoever, something he says landed him in the emergency room due to extreme malnourished. The video is wrapped up with Stapp assuring his fans and well-wishers that he is doing just fine for the time being, and that he is sober and healthy despite any rumors that may be flying around surrounding drug or alcohol use. He states his belief that the truth will prevail in the end, and that justice will indeed be served if he has anything to say about it.

Stapp has since given a followup statement regarding the video in question, sitting down with the Roz and Mocha Show (aired on KISS 92.5) early Wednesday morning to plead his case further and to attempt blaming of the entire thing on President Obama. The singer believes that his open advocacy against the POTUS in the 2012 election is what cost him his finances, giving the explanation that the nation’s leader contacted IRS in order to get his accounts frozen in the aftermath of his anti-Obama interview on Fox News in the same year. He says that his funds were made unreachable within two months of said interview, and he does not doubt for one moment that the President is to blame for his entire life falling apart.

It remains to be seen how or why Scott Stapp is in the alleged financial mishap that he has been extremely vocal about in the past few days. More information has yet to be revealed, and Barack Obama has not yet commented on the singer’s accusations that said struggles are a result of his vengeful actions to not receiving the man’s election support.

By Rebecca Grace

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