Creed Singer Stapp Faces Struggles

Creed lead singer, Scott Stapp, faces recent struggles that have recently gotten the news media talking. Stapp, who was once an A-list celebrity, is now penniless and living out of a hotel room. Creed has performed in sold out arenas, sold over 24 million albums, and produced a record that was certified platinum 11 times. As the group’s lead singer, Stapp, now 41 years old, blames his misfortune on his bank account being frozen due to a mix up by the Internal Revenue Service and money being stolen from him by those whom he trusted.

On Wednesday morning, Stapp posted a 16-minute video to his Facebook page where he spoke directly to his friends and fans claiming that people he had once trusted had taken advantage of the friendship by stealing from him. He blames his misfortune on claims that royalties on his music are still owed to him. Stapp stated that he first began to realize his financial situation earlier in the month when he asked for an audit of his company and personal finances. Stapp claims that shortly after the audit, the IRS froze all of his accounts and his passwords to his accounts were changed. Shortly after, he realized all of his money had been transferred out of his accounts.

The Creed singer faces struggles besides those that are monetary. There have been rumors that the Creed lead singer has been abusing drugs and drinking heavily which has contributed to his current situation. Knowing that rumors would begin to circulate once he brought his claims public, Stapp says that he voluntarily began taking weekly drug screens so that he could disprove those type of allegations. He sticks by his claims of sobriety, stating “I am as sober as can be.” According to Stapp’s memoir, Sinners Creed, Stapp has had problems in his past that has included addiction, causing people to wonder if the singer has fell back into old habits.

Not only is the Creed singer suffering rough times financially, he was also dealt an emotional blow last week when his wife filed for divorce. Jaclyn, Stapp’s wife of eight years, filed for divorce claiming that the singer had become paranoid and delusional after his binge of meth, amphetamines, and steroids. She also stated that Stapp has threatened to kill her and their two children in the past. The last straw came when her husband allegedly sent her a series of strange texts telling her to get their two children, flee Florida, and meet him in Atlanta because “Florida is not safe. Biological weapons are on the way.” Stapp’s record label, Wind Up Records, and Wild Justice Music, a firm that lists Stapp as their client, has refused to comment on Stapp’s allegations and current situation.

At the height of the Creed lead singer’s career, Stapp had a net worth of somewhere in between $10 to $30 million. This does not come as a surprise considering he sang for a band that won a 2001 Grammy Award for best rock song. For a celebrity who once had so much money available at his fingertips, some may feel it is hard to believe that he is now broke. He has went from staying in five-star hotels and fine dining to living out of his truck for two weeks and not eating for days at a time. Stapp is now residing at a Holiday Inn and says he is looking for an honest and respectable attorney that is ready to fight his battle and regain the money that is owed to him. There are many fans that are hoping that the Creed lead singer will face his struggles, head on and regain control over his life, family and finances.

By Kelli Patterson

USA Today
Huffington Post

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