Florida Man Swims 20 Minutes After Boat Capsizes


An unidentified man in Holly Hill, Florida, according to a report by WESH, apparently did not realize how strong the winds were on Friday. The small johnboat he was in trying to get to his sailboat was hit by a 12-foot wave, throwing him into the water, capsizing and sinking the johnboat.

The incident occurred in the Halifax River. The unfortunate man made it to shore by swimming for 20 minutes.

Holly Hill firefighters arrived at the scene to find the man soaked and tired, but otherwise fine. They helped warm the man up. The man refused an offer to be taken to the hospital to get checked out.

Though the man in Holly Hill, Florida, did not make it out to his sailboat and had the johnboat he was in capsized and sunk, he is, apparently, none the worse for wear. The Halifax River, where the johnboat was sunk by the 12-foot wave, is located in Volusia County, Florida.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by GunnerVV – Flickr License

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