Destiny New Update Fixes Team Chat

The new Destiny update is now live. Update 1.0.3 is the first in what will be a series of updates leading up to the release of the game’s first expansion, known as, The Dark Below. This update is free, takes up 2.44GB and will be available across all platforms. The update addresses one of the biggest complaints the community has had concerning communication via team chat. As of today, this update can be downloaded by simply logging into Destiny.

Team Chat is finally working. That is to say that players can access a channel and enable it for team chat. While in Strikes and team-based Crucible matches teammates can now communicate. It was odd that a MMO of any sort would feel so restricting when communicating with others, Bungie agrees and has been working to fix it.

Bungie also looked at what needed to change in order to make the player more suited to handle the flow of Destiny. Bounty slots have been doubled, meaning players now have ten instead of five. In the Tower, Eva Levante now sells shaders and the preview of shaders works in inventory screens. Emblems can also be previewed. Motes of Light and Strange Coins route to the Postmaster, even if inventory is full.

But wait, there is even more. Before now, some Warlock Bonds could transform into materials meant for different classes, this is no longer. The Precision Damage perk has been fixed. An odd exploit on Mars could clear out all enemy units from Clovis Bray. All engrams show up in post-game menues. Public Spaces now have a ten to fifteen percent change to spark Public Events. Explosive rounds no longer cause the camera to shake as much. The Motion Tracker has improved visibility, as does recharge states.

The Iron Banner has gone through a number of changes. Those under level 20 can not lead a Fireteam in Iron Banner, but they can still join. Lord Saladin has increased in reputation ranks.

The Dark Below is set to be the first expansion for Destiny. The expansion is loaded with new weapons, armor and gear. The level cap is raised from 30 to 32. A new strike will be available along with a new raid, three new multiplayer arenas and of course new story missions. The Dark Below will be the first in a series of expansions meant to refresh Destiny and continually improve it into perfection. In the Tower players will encounter Eris, who warns that the Hive have a god they intend to summon for the sole purpose of destroying Earth. The Dark Below will cost $20 when it releases December 9.

Bungie is continuing to stay focused on Destiny and what it can offer. The free update 1.0.3 takes up 2.44 GB and is free. Although it does take care of a number of small issues most will not notice, the update also fixes team chat problems, adds the option to preview shaders and ensures the safety of Motes of Light and Strange Coins, even when inventory is full. Fans can look forward to the first upcoming expansion, The Dark Below, which will release December 9 for all platforms.

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