Revenge: Contact (Recap/Review)

RevengeAfter the highly anticipated reunion of Emily and David finally happened in the previous episode of Revenge, the Contact episode revealed a little bit more about what David was doing all these years. It looks like he was not a free man after all, but it was not Conrad who kept him on a short leash.

David’s and Emily’s reunion was interrupted by Victoria’s accident in the previous episode and David rushes outside to see what happened. He finds Vicky lying on the ground unconscious and he tells Emily to call 911. Well, she just keeps staring at Victoria with a really creepy look, while David is trying to save her life. He then calls 911 and he tells Ems that he knows that she did not call for help because she was just afraid, but his daughter tells him that she did not call for help because Victoria does not deserve her help. When the ambulance arrives, David decides to go with Vicky and Emily has no chance to explain anything to her father.

Later that day, Ems goes to the hospital and she seizes the opportunity to talk to her father, since Victoria is heavily sedated. She tells him that Victoria is a bad person and that she cannot be trusted, but before she tells him anything else, Victoria manages to interrupt their conversation with some crazy maneuver. Well, Vicky is obviously desperate, because she knows that if Emily tells everything to her father, she will lose David. An FBI agent visits David at the hospital and she tells him that the police found a body of a man, who supposedly killed Conrad and also tried to hit him with a car the other day. Well, judging from David’s flashback, this man was the one who took all these pictures from Amanda, but David tells the FBI agent that he does not know this man. After that, Emily tries to talk to her father again, but he is furious because she took his knife and planted it as evidence. Emily tells him that she made sure that everything leads back to this man with a tattoo and David asks her who is she. His daughter tells him that everything she did was for him and that she is the one who cleared his name, but David tells her that he never asked for her help.

Emily is devastated and she is at her father’s beach house when Daniel comes around. He tells Emily that he cannot believe that after everything she did for her father, she is now giving up on him just because of one fight. It appears that the conversation with Daniel gives Ems some extra motivation, since she decides to go back to the hospital. She arrives just in time, because two men try to kidnap David, but Emily kicks their asses and saves her father. Emily escapes, but she later meets with her father, at his request. He tells his daughter that everything about his escape from prison is true, however, it was not Conrad who got him out of prison. Apparently, Conrad’s rival got David out of prison and after he refused to work for him, this man showed David a picture of Amanda and told him that he will kill her if he refuses to work for him. So, David did work for him, but he escaped when he heard that Amanda is dead. David tells Emily that he is proud of her and he asks her to stay out of this because he will handle everything and it is his turn to protect her now. He tells his daughter that he loves her – infinity times infinity and then he kisses her forehead. Well, this was probably one of the most beautiful scenes of Revenge ever.

Revenge‘s Contact episode closes with Emily, who is apparently holding someone a prisoner and it looks like she is not keeping the promise that she made to her father. She actually promised that she will stay away this time, but she is just being Ems and she is once again taking matters into her own hands. Well, the curiosity obviously got the best of her and since her father refuses to tell her who got him out of prison, Emily will most certainly find a way to get to the truth.

By: Janette Verdnik


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