Doctor Who Mystery Character Missy Finally Revealed [Spoilers]

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who finally revealed the identity of its mysterious character, Missy. It was clear this character had it out for The Doctor, but nobody could tell why. What was this afterlife she was running, and why was she collecting those who had passed on whatever creature or alien they were?

The penultimate episode of the season Dark Water started with a shocking death. Assistant Clara Oswald lost the love of her life, Danny Pink. It was a very normal death that happened completely off screen. He was hit by a car, and the viewers only saw the aftermath of Clara coping—not so well—with it.

In comes The Doctor, and it all seems like the TARDIS is about to go up in flames. Clara steals the seven keys to the TARDIS, sends The Doctor to sleep and takes them to an active volcano. In true Doctor Who fashion, all was not over and the whole thing never happened. Clara had been placed in a dream state because Peter Capaldi’s Doctor wanted to see just how far she would go. It turned out that they needed to go find out where Danny was to save him.

It was there that the viewers finally learned the true identity of Doctor Who’s mysterious character, Missy. The name was actually short for Mistress, because—as she said—she could not keep calling herself The Master.

Fans of the show will know that The Master is the only other Time Lord—Time Lady as Missy pointed out—in existence. He was supposedly killed during David Tennant’s reign as The Doctor, but many fans expected to see him again. There was always something about that ring that The Master’s “wife” placed in the fire.

So far, fans have no idea how The Master survived, but that is all expected to come in the next episode. Right now, all fans know is that Missy was using Time Lord technology to turn those who had died into Cybermen. The Cybermen—one of Doctor Who’s oldest villains—are now back and looking to kill the whole of London, and probably the world.

The whole season has been leading up to this part, and it seems Missy expected something from Clara. That is all unclear as of yet, but there seems to also be a connection between Missy and The Doctor. All will hopefully be revealed in the season finale of Doctor Who, unless the writers have plans to take this plot line further into the new season next year.

Many fans were excited at the reveal that Missy was really The Master. Many have speculated on a female incarnation of The Doctor for some time. While that has never happened, the writers have show that a female Time Lord is possible. The producers have always said that a female Doctor is unlikely in fear of backlash, but now the doors could well be opened for a female version of the protagonist.

It was an exciting twist, but there are still so many questions left unanswered. Just how did Missy turn into The Master, who was the surprise reveal in this week’s Doctor Who?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham