The Vampire Diaries Damon Will Struggle With Guilt Over Bonnie

The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore will struggle with guilt over leaving Bonnie behind in season six of The Vampire Diaries. It will lead to some questionable decisions, and could impact his relationship with Elena, who has conveniently forgotten that she loves him.

Caroline Dries, producer on the show, confirmed that over the next few episodes Ian Somerhalder’s character will struggle with his decision to leave Bonnie. He believes that she has been left for dead, and there is no saving her anymore. Instead of trying to explain that to everyone else, he will lie about what happened in this “other side.”

There are two ways that he could do that. He could tell them all about the 1994 Groundhog Day style loop and all about Kai, or he could tell them that he never saw Bonnie while he was there. The latter would be easier for his lie to work, and it would cause some serious problems when (and there is a when) the group find out that she is alive and he has lied.

However, Bonnie is still alive and she now has to deal with Kai on her own. Somehow, it seems like she will get a message to everyone to say that she is alive. At some point, the group will realize that they have to save their friend. What could that mean for Elena who will have to make the decision over whether she remembers her love for Damon or not.

While Damon will struggle with his guilt over leaving Bonnie behind on The Vampire Diaries, fans will get to see the witch deal with Kai. They will see as she finds a way to get a message to her friends, possibly knowing that Damon will take the liar’s way out.

The good news for Bonnie fans is that she will still appear in season six of The Vampire Diaries. Most fans will be happy to hear that there are still scenes planned for the “other side.” She will have to face Kai on her own, and fans will find out more about the killer of the Gemini coven. It may also lead to more of the coven being seen in the episodes as the others find out where she is and how to get her back.

She will also appear in flashback episodes. One of those flashbacks is planned for the mid-season finale, planned for some time in December. Bonnie, Elena and vampire Caroline will be together in high school. It will take the fans back to the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries, possibly before Stefan and Damon even showed up in town. The girls are getting ready for some type of holiday gathering.

Very few spoilers have been shared for the upcoming episodes. The title and date of the mid-season finale have not yet been confirmed, let alone a full episode synopsis. All that has been confirmed is that Damon will have a difficult time with his decision. He has come a long way since the series premiere in 2009. There is no way that Damon would have felt any guilt for leaving Bonnie behind in The Vampire Diaries.

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