Drugs Hidden in Make-Up Containers Did Not Fool Police


When police responded to a call about a woman who was acting suspiciously in Dayton, Ohio, they were not fooled, but checked out the make-up containers in her purse after she was taken to jail and discovered they contained drugs. As a result, Connie Tudor, 28, has been charged with both possession of drugs and the illegal conveyance of drugs.

Police who responded to the call that the woman was acting suspiciously caught up with her in the 2100 block of West Third Street. They discovered that Tudor had several warrants out for her arrest.

Then, after she was transported to jail, police searching her make-up containers found pills inside of them. Tudor claimed that they belonged to her boyfriend and he was going to later sell the pills.

When Tudor appears in court on Monday, she will see if that story about the drugs found in her make-up containers actually belonging to her boyfriend will convince a judge. Even if it does, with all of the warrants out for Tudor, she is likely to spend some time in jail.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by epSos.de – FlickrLicense

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