‘Fake Off’ Reality Contest Show for Next Generation [Video]

Fake OffA reality competition for the next generation is here, it is epic, and it is called Fake Off. Teams of artists enter into a competition of unreal proportions as they create imagery that will test the eye and challenge the brain. “How did they do that?” is a common phrase among fans of this newest of reality shows. Two shows in, and the challenges are getting harder and the teams are getting smaller. In last weeks episode, the team of Wilderbe took the stage by storm and got the judges to their feet.

Robert Hoffman is the host of Fake Off, and is best known for his dance moves. His resume reads like a Who’s who of dance competitions, movies, and choreography, now, he can add host to his list of accomplishments. His reveals of the genres to the contestants is amusing and fun. His fan base is sure to expand as his charisma and ability to engage the audience is second only to the performances themselves.

The judges are a diverse group who have epic talent and many accolades that have brought them to this Fake Off competition. Chili from the hit girl group TLC brings warmth and charm to the judging table. She also brings years of choreography experience, a background in reality television, and is a true entrepreneur that gives a unique critique to these visionary groups.  Harry Shum Jr. brings another set of experiences to the Fake off judging table. Best known for his role in the hit show Glee, Shum also brings with him a list of hit shows and a background heavy in TV and in dance. Rounding out the judges is Michael Curry, who is a concept designer, brings visual entertainment to life in such heavy hitting shows as the immensely popular and entertaining Cirque Du Soleil shows.

Fake Off  debuted, showcasing 10 unique and extraordinary teams, each bringing their own flare to the challenges. The second show brought a diverse set of challenges to each team, from faking cartoon shows to faking the sinking of the Titanic. Whatever challenge was issued, the teams had access to all the tools that they could possibly need in order to pull off a visual production, in which they hope to draw the audience into their world of fantasy. The video game challenge came with the Body Poets group visually stimulating the fans with Pac-Man and the Mario Brothers. The Lightwire Theater group did their rendition of drama on TV complete with what they use best, black backgrounds and lots of light.

The group that stole the breath away from the judges and the fans alike was Wilderbe, with their epic experience of what it may have been like to be on the Titanic on that fateful day. The story of a mother and a daughter played out beautifully and brought the entire studio to their feet. The video below is of this winning “fake” with just a touch of what goes into something of this scale.

By Kristi Cereska

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