‘The Voice’ Live Playoffs Night One [Recap & Video]

The Voice

The Voice begins the season’s Live Rounds tonight! The coaches have finalized their teams and now, their team members will be going face-to-face against competitors from the other teams, with the losers of each Live Round going home based on YOUR votes, America! The stakes have been raised higher than ever before and only the best will move on!

On The Voice, the host of the show, Carson Daly, began the episode by introducing the coaches and saying that members of Team Adam will face members of Team Blake. Tomorrow night, the other two teams will go against each other.

“The top five artists from each team will compete for America’s votes,” Carson Daly said.

According to Adam “It’s go time.”

“Only three artists from each team will move on,” Carson Daly said. “America, get ready to vote.” He said that voters can begin voting right now, if they have downloaded The Voice app.

Maroon 5, with Adam singing, of course, debuted their song Animals. It was pretty great — Adam has a very wide vocal range. The audience clapped along right from the start of the song and cheered and screamed. He can really sing in the falsetto range very well. He did a wolf howl at one point during the song that got cheers and screams from the females in the audience. Adam and Maroon 5 ROCKED THE SONG OUT! Then, The Voice went to the first commercial break of the episode.

“Let’s check in with the coaches. Blake is not paying attention as usual,” Carson said.

Blake just said that he and his team “don’t think about it being live.” He wants it to seem just like any other performance.

Gwen said “It’s really exciting. It’s electric in here!”

Pharrell said “This is more fun than I ever imagined!”

Taylor Brashears from Team Blake was the first person to sing tonight on The Voice. She sang Long Time Gone.

Blake told her “When you go into full voice, it sounds so strong.” He called her voice more “traditional country,” like Loretta Lynn’s.

Taylor was awesome, getting the audience into the song right away, clapping along. She had her fiddle with her, and played it later on in the song. She was very entertaining, and she will definitely be difficult to beat.

Pharrell began the comments, saying “I loved you from the very beginning. If it just feels different than what it does not, that makes it seem fresh and new.”

Gwen said “You sounded beautiful,” and mentioned a tattoo that Taylor has on her thigh.

Adam said “I’m a fan of your, always have been.”

Blake told Taylor “Great job,” and added “There’s an ornery side of you and it comes out in your voice. You blend your personality with your sound, and I thought you did a great job.”

After another commercial break on The Voice, Carson Daly talked with Adam Levine about the upcoming tour he and Maroon 5 will be going on. Chris Jamison from Team Adam sang Don’t by Ed Sheeran.

“It’s really exciting doing a current hip-hop song,” Chris said.

Adam recommended that Chris “do cardio.” He added that “Chris has a really buttery voice and the girls will flip out.”

Chris sounded TERRIFIC and was somewhat reminiscent of Justin Timberlake as he sang. The chorus behind him was great, as well. The audience seemed to get really pumped up as he sang, and the women in the audience screamed as he finished singing.

Blake said “That’s a tough song to navigate! Great job!”

Pharrell said “I agree, great job! I thought it was such a great performance!”

Gwen said “You really are amazing on the stage. You balanced it out really well.”

Adam told him “You were excited up there. You contained it so well. It was super-controlled and balanced.”

When The Voice returned from another commercial break, Jessie Pitts, 18, from Team Blake, sang. She will be singing the Bonnie Tyler song, Holding Out for a Hero.

“It’s a great song, but Jessie will be doing Jessie’s version of the song,” Blake said.

“Jessie fits into the musical world the same way Lorde fits in — she creates her own mold,” Blake stated.

Jessie has an INCREDIBLE voice! As she sang, the audience swayed their arms in the air back and forth. The auditorium was a sea of swaying arms, and Jessie hit some uber-high notes at the end of the song.

Pharrell said “You find that pocket, the sweetest of the spots, and stay there the whole time. I loved that performance.”

Gwen said “You’re so good, and you look great in that skirt. I’m so happy for both of you. I’m happy for you, Blake.”

Adam said “I think it was by far your best performance so far.”

Blake stated “Congratulations, Jessie! You picked a really good time to have your best performance yet. You brought everyone inside your heart, and that’s impossible to do.”

After more commercials on The Voice, Team Blake had another singer from his team sing, the talented James David Carter. He will be singing Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House, by Garth Brooks. He said he loved how Garth Brooks combined pop and country and a little bit of rock.

“If there’s one guy who continues to blow me away, it’s James,” Blake said.

James was SPOT-On, sounding very much like Garth would singing this great song. James played the guitar as he sang. He had the audience clapping along right from the beginning of the song. He held the audience in the palms of his hands.

Pharrell said “Another one of the guys from your team who we knew would really be special. You’re talented.”

Gwen said “You sound like a record. You sound like a recording. You’re very natural and very professional.”

Adam said “Dude, you’ve been one of my favorites from the beginning. Congratulations, brother.’

Blake told him “You continue to be that rock. I always can count on you. You always do great.”

The Voice went to another commercial break, but when it came back, another member of Team Adam took the stage to perform. Indie pop artist Matt McAndrew sang God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. It is an amazing song.

“This song is the most amazing, sophisticated song,” Adam said.

“It’s like a Mozart song,” Matt said.

“Amen, brother,” Adam replied.

On The Voice, Carson introduced Matt, and he NAILED this classic song! It is arguably one of the best Beach Boys songs ever. To do it well is an accomplishment; Matt did it EXTREMELY well, and had the females in the audience cheering and screaming for him as he sang. He got a standing ovation.

Blake told Matt “That was sung PERFECTLY. This is the Live Playoffs, and that was risky. It was beautiful.”

Pharrell said “Dude, that was so awesome! My only question to you is what’s your website? Can they buy your music?”

Gwen said “I was almost moved to tears. That is a risky song. I thought it was amazing, I really did.”

Adam told him “There’s a magical quality about what you do. You’re fearless, unique, sincere, and genuine. I get goosebumps every time I listen to you. You just blew me away.”

Reagan James, 15, sang next from Team Blake on The Voice. She will be singing Try, “A difficult song to sing,” according to Blake. “This particular song can restrict Reagan, if she’s not careful,” Blake added. “She is making this song more and more her own. This will be truly special.”

Reagan played her guitar and sat on a stool as she began the song. She sang such fluid runs! Then, she stood up, leaving the guitar behind, and sang directly to the audience. Her voice soared to the rafters, and the audience cheered for her. What a great performance!

Pharrell said “Look at you, just coasting up there! I thought it was beautiful the way you just floated across the stage.”

Gwen said “It was a lot of pressure, and you did it so effortlessly.”

Blake told her “I think you’re one of the most important artists we ever have had on The Voice. Thank you for bringing that to the show and letting us enjoy that; thank you, Reagan.”

The Voice came back for more commercials, and Carson said that Pharrell will be performing tomorrow. “It’s called Hunter, and I’m singing it from the perspective of the girl,” Pharrell said.

Next on The Voice, from Team Adam, will be the Indie rocker Taylor Phelan. He will be singing Cool Kids.

Carson introduced Taylor Phelan. He was really, really good, rockin’ the song out. He had the audience clapping along from the start. The song showcased his vocal range, and he got the audience to clap with their hands over their heads when he did it. The audience cheered wildly for him.

Pharrell said “So proud of you — so, so proud of you. Congratulations!”

Gwen said “A lot of people are making huge improvements on the show. With you, it’s like watching a peer. You’re always to great.”

Adam told Taylor “I’m proud of you and of my whole team. You amaze me! I thought there’s no way you’d be available, but here we are, I got Taylor.”

Then, there were more commercials, but when The Voice returned, California rocker Mia Pfirrman from Team Adam sang Young and Beautiful.

“She’s so talented. She needs to take a risk, and then everyone will realize how talented she is,” Adam said.

Mia’s voice sounded beautiful as she sang Young and Beautiful; she was terrific, and her voice has such power to it. She has one of the most powerful voices of the remaining competitors on The Voice. She NAILED this song! The audience erupted in applause.

Blake said “What a beautiful song! There wasn’t much coming from the band — that was mostly you up there.’

Pharrell said “You just totally took it over — congratulations!”

Adam said “I always expect you to be great, but this was totally different. You’re a girl who can sing almost anything. You are finally really coming into your own in a potent way.”

Back from another commercial break on The Voice, Carson introduced the soulful TSA agent, Damien. He will be singing the Sam Smith song, I’m Not the Only One. “It’s a love story,” Damien said, “about a guy who’s wife is cheating on him.”

Damien has such a great, soulful-sounding voice. His performance on The Voice was SPOT-ON, and this song was perfect to showcase his vocal skills. He poured such raw power and emotion into the words as he sang. The audience erupted in applause as he finished. He got a standing ovation, even from Pharrell!

Blake told him “You have the ability to combine a soft, smooth voice with power and range. Congratulations to both of you!”

Pharrell said It’s amazing! Those people at the airport are going crazy right now.”

Gwen said “The audience was the loudest it’s been all night. I’m so blessed to hear you.”

Adam said “The whole room,the whole country, felt a physical reaction when you sang.”

The Voice went to a further round of commercials, but when the show returned, the last performer of the evening took the stage. From Team Blake, Craig Wayne Boyd sang Some Kind of Wonderful.

Before Boyd sang, Carson reminded viewers of how they can vote. Then, he introduced Craig Wayne Boyd, who Blake stole back from Gwen. “There’s a lot more attention focused on you,” Blake said.

Boyd said that with all the attention he has been getting, he has been now selling out shows. “He’s as Southern rock as Travis Tritt or Montgomery Gentry,” Blake said about him. “I can’t wait to hear him kill this thing,” he added.

Craig Wayne Boyd did exactly that, KILLED the song! He got the audience clapping with their hands over their heads right from the start of the song. He used all of the stage, touching the outstretched hands of the audience as he walked. He has a lot of power to his voice, and might have the most power of any of the guys remaining.

Pharrell said “I told you right from the beginning you have your own vibe. I love what you guys are doing together.”

Gwen said “It shows how much power you have over the room. I’m so happy for you.”

Blake said “The was the performance of the night, dude. That was so much power and strength in your vocals. You’re beating the odds every time you get out here.”

Who moves on from Team Blake and Team Adam on The Voice is now in America’s hands. Every vote counts — with so many terrific performances tonight, it will be hard to choose who will stay and who will be sent home. Tomorrow, we will find out who will be moving on to next week, and which two members of Team Blake and Team Adam will be sent home. Also, Team Gwen and Team Pharrell will go head-to-head against each other, in what is shaping up to be a fantastic episode of The Voice!

By Douglas Cobb

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