Ferguson Unrest Left Three Officers Injured


More details emerge about the happenings in Ferguson, Mo. as it becomes clear that the protests have led to injuries. The events last night left three officers injured and at least 32 individuals were arrested for the charges of burglary. Witnesses state that after honking at protesters that were blocking an intersection, a teal station wagon ran down a woman. According to Jon Belmar, the St. Louis County Police Chief, the destruction of the unrest Monday night was spread across four square miles.

Michael Brown Sr. left a statement regarding the decision of the Grand Jury in which he stated “I’m just crushed.” The Brown family has suffered greatly yet they encourage protesters to remain peaceful.

With so much dissatisfaction in the community it was only a matter of time before Missouri Governor Jay Nixon opened an ear to the people. Yesterday Nixon appointed a Ferguson Commission of 16 members. They community met to discuss with residents concerns about social and economic issues.

By Garrett Jutte
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Washington Post
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