Former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Molly Shattuck Charged With Rape

Ex-cheerleader Molly Shattuck, who performed for the Baltimore Ravens back in 2005, has been charged with the rape of a 15-year-old boy. She is accused of having inappropriate sexual encounters with the boy, with authorities alleging that said encounters took place in a Delaware vacation residence. Said events are said to have occurred over the 2014 Labor Day weekend.

The 47-year-old made the decision to turn herself into Baltimore authorities early Wednesday afternoon, was arraigned on several different charges. These included unlawful sexual conduct (in the second degree), two counts rape in the third degree (when a lack of consent is clearly exhibited by the victim either by words or conduct), and for providing alcohol to a minor. Shattuck has since plead not guilty to said charges, and was subsequently released on $84,000 bond. Her release came with a condition, however, in that she is forbidden to have any contact with the minor in question, nor any minor for that matter (with the exception of her own children, of which she has two.)

She was also required to turn in any of her passports, and is not allowed to leave the country prior to her hearing, this according to the Attorney General of Delaware and other officials. The woman’s next court date is December 3rd, when further review will be done of the circumstances before a final trial date set. Her lawyer has since given the statement that his client will continue to maintain her innocence, and that Shattuck extremely upset and distraught at the events that have unfolded since the conflict began back in September.

A grand jury in the state of Delaware are said to have written up a total of nine indictments, which were handed to the woman earlier today. The maximum penalties for said indictments are as follows: the two counts of TDR carry a potential sentence of anywhere between two and 25 years per each count (although 25 years is said to be an extreme variant in the case and most likely individuals receive 10 years or under), the second degree unlawful sexual conduct could put Shattuck away for up to three years, and the giving of alcohol to a minor carries a charge of in between $100 and $500, or community service/imprisonment for up until 60 days.

The original affidavit gives the details that the boy in question (who shall remain unnamed in compliance to the Baltimore Sun’s refusal to identify victims, verified or alleged, of sexual crime) came to Baltimore authorities with the statement that he and Shattuck had originally began conversing via Instagram, on which he says she was sending him various flirtatious messages and attempting to establish a relationship of sorts. This contact was said to have been initiated in Spring 2014, and continued for some time afterwards. The boy says that Shattuck steadily began pushing the physicality of their conversations, informing him of her opinion that they would have fun together and suggesting they take things further. This lead to an instance in the back of the woman’s car a short while later, in which she reportedly instigated both kissing and touching a sexual manner with the teenager, who it has been revealed is also the classmate of Shattuck’s own son. The conduct is said to have taken place in the parking lot of a middle school.

The circumstances allegedly escalated over the aforementioned labor day weekend, when Shattuck is said to have performed sexual acts on the boy while staying at a beach house in which she was residing with her own children. Said conduct is alleged to have occurred twice during their association at said beach house, before the teenager expressed his desire to leave the premises and subsequently exited the location. Reports have stated that Shattuck asked the boy not to go, but her wishes went unheeded as he no longer wanted to be in the vicinity nor a part of the previously alleged sexual misconduct. He is said to have made his leave after the woman offered to engage in intercourse with him, something he adamantly declined. The boy also gave the statement to authorities that Shattuck was donning pink underwear during said encounter, something Baltimore officials are taking under investigation during the search warrant they have already executed on the woman’s home.

It remains to be seen how much time, if any, Molly Shattuck will serve for the alleged rape of a 15-year-old boy. The woman’s judicial fate will be decided sometime next month.

By Rebecca Grace

TMZ Sports
Baltimore Sun

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