Giancarlo Stanton Agrees to Massive Marlins Contract


National League MVP runner-up Giancarlo Stanton has agreed to a massive contract with the Miami Marlins which could keep him locked up in South Florida until the year 2027. This 13-year contract extension will bring him, if he actually stays for the duration of the contract, $325 million in addition to other perks. Uncharacteristically, the Marlins agreed to include in this contract a no-trade clause virtually unseen in other contracts with the club, and an opt-out clause which could exercise after 6 years. This is the largest contract in MLB at the moment, $50 million more than the 10-year contract Alex Rodriguez signed in 2007.

Stanton missed the end of the season after taking a fastball to the face on September 11, and just missed an injury which could have ended his career. It appears that the Marlins management decided to take the opportunity presented by the uncertainty raised by an injury like that to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Though he made comments earlier in the year casting doubt on his confidence in the ownership of the team and on his future with it, today’s contract puts that in the past. Barring something completely unexpected, Giancarlo¬†Stanton will be a Marlin for some time to come.

Commentary by Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Corn Farmer – Flickr License

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