Goat Simulator Transforms Into a Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain Studios let loose some information that may shock the internet. The beloved game that has players rampaging around as a goat will receive a free expansion that will transform the game into a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). The expansion (also known as patch 1.2) is free for all that already have Goat Simulator, which is on Steam for $9.99.

About six months ago Coffee Stain Studios released a free expansion known as patch 1.1. The free content included an entirely new map that was nearly the size of the original map. New modes were added, such as Ragdoll Hockey, Capture the Flag, and Racing. Some of the modes require other means of transportation, which is why the patch also made it possible to ride skateboards and bikes. All of that is great and all, but the real focal point was the inclusion of local multiplayer.

The new expansion is very surprising considering all that it offers. First of all, players have a class to pick from when they begin. The available classes include: Warrior, Hunter, Magician, Rogue and Microwave. Originally “No Class” was the normal goat and placeholder meant to be taken out of the game, but has since been kept in the game as another class. The classes will do more than look different, as each one will have certain attributes expected from class rank. Until now, Coffee Stain Studios has been very quiet about the upcoming expansion, saying little more than it’s price tag and eventual arrival. Seeing the goat in action is more powerful than simply reading about it, here is the new trailer.

The environment this time is much less civilized, that is to say it is no longer in modern times, but more reminiscent of midevil times or possibly more associated with Skyrim. As for the story of the game, two factions have dozens of quests to offer the player. The two factions that exist are of course the goats and the sheep, what else could really be expected from Goat Simulator?

The wild freestyle freedom that comes with the life of a goat is one that easily fits into the new world created by Coffee Stain Studios. Each goat can gain experience and gain levels, the cap stops characters once they hit level 101.

Honestly, having the option to play as a microwave instead of a goat is a prime example of how wacky this game and studio can get. It does lead to strange ponderings and questions about what they will include in the next expansion or if they will somehow veer into a direction not actually related to Goat Simulator or the simulation of goats.

Coffee Stain Studios pokes fun at the laziness of their own staff, but offering something so extravagant and radically expansive for free is practically unheard of in the world of video games. The new expansion or patch 1.2 will be coming to Goat Simulator November, 20. The content is free as long as the game is already owned and if it is not, Goat Simulator can be purchased for the low price of $9.99. Let the madness of goats and sheep commence.

By Garrett Jutte
Coffee Stain Studios

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